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How to gain more business from your Wix website

Wix makes it very easy to make nice looking and functional websites, and gives you plenty of flexibility to make changes.

To gain more business from your Wix website you need to first of all focus on the biggest indicator of whether the website is performing well or not …

That biggest indicator is the level of enquiries you’re gaining about specific products or services that you offer via your website.

This is how you assess whether the enquiry levels are good – or not so good …

  1. Pick a product or service that you offer.
  2. Pick a date range (e.g. a month).
  3. Note how many enquiries you had about that product or service during that date range.
  4. Then use website analytics data to see how many visitors got to that product or service page during that date range.
  5. Express your enquiries rate as a percentage.

For example, during a month:

  • You had 100 visitors to your widgets page.
  • You had 2 enquiries about widgets.
  • Your enquiries as a percentage of overall website visitors is 2%
  • This leaves you wondering what stopped many of the other 98% from making contact with you about widgets.

There are many ways that you can see how many people get to your products or service pages.  Google Analytics is the best known.

However, products like Google Analytics, although free, are too weak to enable you to turn low enquiries rates into higher enquiries rates.

This is where A1WebStats can help because the software makes it very clear where there are opportunities to improve the strength of your website and marketing.

This is your path to gaining more business from your Wix website visitors …


Free trial and advice from A1WebStats

  1. Sign up for a free 30 day trial of A1WebStats.
  2. Install the javascript code within your Wix website.  It’s an easy 5 minute job and this link shows you how to do that.
  3. Wait a few days for website visitors data to collect.
  4. Either access the A1WebStats system yourself or/and have a free call with us, so that we can show you how to gain more business from your Wix website, based on what the data is showing about your website and marketing strength.
  5. If you find value in the product, you have the option to subscribe after the free 30 days. Our prices are very transparent and also very affordable (compared to the fact that it will lead you to gaining much higher levels of business via your website).
  6. Be thankful that you never get a sales pitch from us – just powerful software and free advice during the 30 day trial.

But before you sign up for a free trial, you probably want to know what A1WebStats actually shows you …

Top 5 benefits of using A1WebStats

A1WebStats allows you to create a granular view of all your website visitors, so that you have the option to make beneficial changes to:

  1. Your marketing.
  2. Your website content.

While there are numerous ways to benefit from A1WebStats, here are the top five that are most popular with our customers …


Strengthening weak pages

Identify a page that you want to get more results from.

Get a view of every individual visitor that got to that page, including what brought them to the website, and how long they were on each page before and after your page of interest.

Make the pages stronger, based on what the data is telling you.  You can call on the A1WebStats team to help interpret the data.

End result: more people making contact about products or services.

This part of our website takes you through this in more detail:


Company names of website visitors

Where identifiable, you can see the names of the companies that visited your website, and what the visitor looked at page by page.  For example:

Visiting Company Example

If companies that have visited your website haven’t made contact with you, but they are of interest to you, then you have the option to use various methods to reach out to them.

The concept of companies identification expands into many areas that the A1WebStats system helps you with, including getting instant alerts when certain types of visitors arrive at your website.  You will benefit hugely by looking through the guidance within this part of our website:


Return on marketing investment

Whether you use Google Ads, blogs, social media promotion, organic SEO, or many other ways to drive traffic to your website, you want a return on that investment (both financial and time investment).

The A1WebStats system lets you dig deep into the outcome from your marketing activities and helps you to make refinements.

As an example, we’ve lost count of the number of people who have been horrified at just how much wastage there is in their Google Ads advertising, both because of weaknesses in the setup of Google Ads and also weaknesses in the website experience.

This part of our website introduces a range of marketing activities used to drive traffic to websites, and how the A1WebStats system helps you to get more return on investment –


Email marketing intelligence

If you send out email campaigns, it’s likely that you’ll be able to see:

  1. Who opened the emails and on what date/time.
  2. Who clicked through from links in the emails and on what date/time.

What you’re highly unlikely to know is what happened to the people AFTER they clicked through to your website from your email marketing campaign.

With A1WebStats you can see who digs deeper into your website pages after clicking through.  Then you have the option to apply further focus on those people that you know are showing signs of being more interested in the content on your website.

With A1WebStats you can dig deeper into those email campaign clicks and can see more details here:


Linking enquiries back to their sources

For those incoming enquiries that you do get (whether by phone, email, or website contact form), it would be useful to know the following information about each of those enquirers:

  1. What brought them to your website (for example, paid advertising).
  2. What they looked at page by page before making contact with you (so that you can respond to them appropriately, based on what they have or haven’t seen on your website pages).

A1WebStats makes this easy and the pages within this section of our website provide plenty of information of how to link enquiries back to their sources –


Next steps

If any of the above looks useful to you (and it should do – thousands of businesses benefit from using our powerful software) and you’d like to gain more results from your Wix website, then all you need to do is fill in your details on our signup form to get the 30 day free trial.  That trial includes the option to have a free call/screenshare to run through your data and show you some opportunities that you may have been missing out on.

That’s all totally for free – with no sales pitch.  If you value our product and how it can help you, we would welcome you to continue with A1WebStats after your free trial.  If you thought it was kind of interesting, benefited from the knowledge gained, but couldn’t commit to the £30-50 per month, then we’d thank you for trialling and leave the door open for you to come back to us at a later stage if you wanted to.

Thank you for reading.


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