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Gaining more sales of products or services

To gain maximum potential of increasing your sales of products or services, we recommend that you read through these guides in sequence.

The objective of these pages is to get you to a position where:

  1. You have an accurate view of every useful visitor to your product or services pages.
  2. You can clearly see where the website is failing to retain the interest of those useful visitors.
  3. You fix the weaknesses, resulting in stronger levels of enquiries and sales of products or services.

For you to gain more enquiries/sales of products or services, you will need to view these pages (and the videos within them) in sequential order.

Start Here

It’s called Start Here for a reason …

It helps you to understand the importance of going through each step within this part of our website.

Identify a product or service

Choose just ONE product or service that you’d like more enquiries about

Why just one? Because focus is critical to success

Do The Weeding

Not everyone who went to that product or service page will be a potential buyer

It’s time to do the weeding out of irrelevant data

Analyse whats left

You’re left with visitors to the product or service page that are ‘relevant’

Now invest time to identify patterns from each of their visits

Identify and fix weaknesses

You’ve identified the relevant visitors and have discovered patterns

Weaknesses will now be clear and, hopefully, the ways you can build strength

How to increase sales from your website landing page visitors

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Advanced Filtering

How to create clever filters to generate only the data you’re interested in … and create automated reports from those filters.