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Email marketing clicks tracking

Most email marketing systems will provide insights into:

  1. When the email recipient received the email from you.
  2. When they clicked on one or more links within that email (which took them through to a specific page of your website).

But that’s generally as far as such systems go.

What’s of more value to you is to see which email marketing clickers went further than the page they landed on, including pages that make you think “this person is quite interested in what we have to offer”.

The video below shows you how to view the page by page path through your website from those people who clicked through from your email campaign.

The video refers to the Google Campaign URL Builder, which we recommend you using so that we can easily see the clicks from your campaigns.

The A1WebStats system allows you to get very detailed insights into those who click through from your email marketing campaigns, including focusing on just those that went to more than the page they landed on.

So, if you had 100 clicks and 20 of them went further than the landing page and got as far as pages that imply a higher level of interest, then you’re likely to be particularly interested in those people.

But here’s the catch …

People access email marketing communications from a range of devices and locations, which means that it’s not always super simple to work out who the email marketing clicker was.

For example, let’s say that your email marketing system shows you that Joe Bloggs of ABC Co has opened your email and clicked on a link at 11:10am.   But Joe Bloggs was at home or on a mobile device when they clicked on that link.

In this scenario, the A1WebStats system would show that ‘someone’ landed on the page from your email marketing campaign at 11:10am, but because Joe Bloggs wasn’t linked into the ABC Co company network at the time, the ‘company’ information you see in the A1WebStats system doesn’t give you any clues.  For example, it may display their internet or telecommunications provider.

However, if your internal email marketing system showed that Joe Bloggs was the only person who clicked at 11:10am, and the A1WebStats data is showing that as the only visitor at that time, then you can safely assume it was Joe Bloggs who clicked through to your website.

From here, there are two actions you can take:

  1. You could (optionally) use the Edit feature to edit the anonymous ‘company’ data so that it says something like ‘Joe Bloggs out of office visit’.  This means that if they access your website via that specific connection in the future, you’ll be able to recognise Joe Bloggs.
  2. Now aware that Joe Bloggs has looked at several pages of your website after landing from the email marketing campaign, you can then further nurture Joe, as you know he is quite interested in what you have to offer.

Another side benefit of assessing which email marketing clicks went further than the page they landed on, is to determine what percentage of people went no further than the landing page.  Depending on how high that percentage was, this may tell you:

  1. That the landing page content wasn’t strong enough.
  2. That there wasn’t anything sufficient on the landing page to encourage people to investigate other parts of your website.

We’re always here to help, so if  you are running email campaigns and would like assistance to show you how to analyse those people who clicked through to your website, please do contact us and we’ll be happy to help.