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These are the questions we get asked all the time.

If you’ve got a question that you think should be answered here, please do contact us.


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We know what data costs, and it’s not as high as some competitors lead you to believe.

Our target market are small to medium-sized businesses and so we want to provide a product that’s priced in a way that enables those businesses to spend more budget on marketing, which brings further traffic to their websites.

If, for example, you spend £100 per month more than A1WebStats charge (by buying through a competitor), then that’s £100 you’re not spending on traffic generation activities (such as PPC, telesales, and more).

We don’t pretend that we’re as refined as some competitor systems but we’re continually working to make the A1WebStats system stronger and our typical buyers consider the product to be good value for the financial investment.

There’s a thin line between website visitors intelligence and invading privacy.

While it could be technically possible to identify some individuals from visiting companies/organisations, we don’t do this, nor do we plan to.

It may be frustrating to see only a company name but if that visitor hasn’t made contact, there could be several reasons, including:

  1. They’re not ready to buy yet (but you do have the option to use systems such as Google remarketing to keep ‘following’ that visitor in the future).
  2. They think your website isn’t strong enough (which means that you have the opportunity to strengthen the website so that such visitors are more likely to make contact in the future).

Knowing the company name and what pages the person viewed, is just the beginning.  We have produced guides and videos that help you to further capitalise on that information.

During the 30 day free trial you have:

  1. Full access to your data.
  2. Daily reports emailed to you (showing companies that have visited your website).
  3. Tutorial video emails sent to you.
  4. The opportunity to discuss your data/system functionality in more detail.

By the end of the 30 days you will either see the benefits or it won’t be right for you at this point.

If you choose to purchase, you can do so directly from within your account Dashboard.  You can pay month to month or for longer periods if wishing to gain a discount.  All payments are transacted via the website, using debit or credit card details.

If you don’t choose to purchase, your account stops collecting data but you still have access to view your data during your trial.

If you decide to come back to us in the future then your account will still be there and you’d need to contact us to restart data collection again.  In some cases we will allow a further trial period (for example, some businesses purely don’t get the time to fully utilise the data within the original trial).

Using round numbers, every 100 visitors to your website will come from a range of sources.  Some of them (typically between 10-35%) will be identifiable as being from a company.

Let’s say that you had 100 visitors and our system identified 10 of them (10%) as being from identifiable companies.  What about the other 90?  Those other 90 could be any of the following:

  1. Company visitors who are set up in a way that they can’t be identified via their IP address (for example, a small engineering business running on a BT broadband connection).  This is quite common.
  2. People from companies who are using mobile devices to view your website, but those mobile devices aren’t connected to the company IT infrastructure (which means we can’t identify them).
  3. People from businesses who are visiting your website from at home (either during the day or evening).  This is quite common because people in business often don’t have time to do such research while at their workplace so do so when they are at home.
  4. Irrelevant traffic – you’d be surprised at how many businesses get irrelevant traffic (i.e. people who are never likely to buy) going to their websites.  Sometimes this is as a result of inefficient advertising, but there could be other reasons (for example, a blog has become popular, but it’s bringing in the wrong types of visitors).

What we always recommend during our 30 day free trial, or at any other time, is to ask us about your identified number of companies.  If the numbers are low then it’s usually related to one of the reasons above.

Purely because of administration overheads, we only consider payment by invoice if you choose to pay for 12 months ahead.

If requesting this, we would require a purchase order number from yourselves, confirming that you wish to pay for 12 months.  The invoices are payable immediately on receipt.

In years to come, website visitors identification methods will become much stronger, whereas currently, mid way through the decade, this industry is relatively immature.

We can see the industry getting to the point where, as long as a company is particularly well focused on bringing in traffic from companies only, then we could see 70% of all visitors as being identifiable companies.

For now, our recommendation is for subscribers to focus more on the companies that CAN be identified.  In the coming years it’s likely that more and more of your competitors will be using software to identify visiting companies – the winners will be those who make the best use of the information that’s provided by software such as ours.

This question typically applies to businesses that have one main website and one or more supporting but lower traffic websites.

As long as the traffic levels each month aren’t huge (i.e. they need to say in the low thousands of visitors each month), then yes, you can use our tracking code on more than one website.

The upside to this is that you only pay one subscription.

The downside is that all your websites data is combined within the one account.  However, it is possible to set up bespoke reports that will allow you to segment that data.

We get asked this question a lot!

You’ll have noticed that although we refer to Lead Forensics in our website, they don’t ever refer to us.  This is quite simply because they understand that although there are some differences between the systems, most businesses are savvy enough to weigh up the costs vs benefits, and decide to buy from us.

We wouldn’t pretend that we’re as pretty as Lead Forensics but a large number of our paying subscribers started off as trials of Lead Forensics, wanting to see how we could offer similar but at a lower cost and no contract lock-in.  Large numbers of those go on to buy through us (and indeed, some do decide that Lead Forensics better suited their requirements).

Our recommendation is for you to try a few different systems in parallel.   Apart from us and Lead Forensics, there are many other companies, and you’ll find that most focus purely on tracking companies that visit websites, whereas we offer so much more than that.   While it may create a time overhead for you, we feel it’s a worthwhile investment in order to get the right solution for you.

We have produced a specific page on our website that also answers this question in a lot more detail.

Demonstrations are pointless if they’re not focusing on your own data.  The purpose of our 30 day free trial is for you to gain detailed insights into your own website visitors.  That is effectively the demo.

During your trial we also offer a telephone run through your data/the system functionality, which ensures that you know everything you need to before the end of your trial.

We do also have numerous video tutorials on our website, which demonstrate the functionality available within A1WebStats.

Google Analytics does supply a lot of useful information but it doesn’t make it easy to dig deep into certain website visitor patterns.   For example, if you wanted to look at every person who landed on page A and also got to page B within your website, then you can’t do that within Google Analytics but you can in A1WebStats.

If you are absolutely convinced that Google Analytics tells you everything you need to know about your website visitors then challenge us to show you (via A1WebStats) where you’re missing out!