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ROI from marketing activity

The objective of these pages is to get you to a position where:

  1. You have an accurate picture of how people engage with your website, as a result of a specific marketing activity.
  2. You can refine your website and marketing so that you get stronger return on investment from your budget.

Each business has preferred forms of marketing.  These are listed alphabetically and each page shows you how to measure/capitalise on each form of marketing.


Google Ads tracking setup – basic method

Tracking Google Ads, including keywords and page by page views can be done two ways in A1WebStats. This is the basic method.

Google Ads tracking setup for deeper accuracy and analysis

If you want to get a granular view of all Google Ads clicks from campaigns and ad groups, use this method to modify Google Ads so that A1WebStats can track at a deeper level.

Google Ads beyond the click return on investment – basic method

Take your clicks from Google Ads, add in A1WebStats, and you’ll be able to analyse what each visitor looked at after landing on your website – page by page.


You put effort into crafting blogs to go on your website, but what happens after people land on them?

We go beyond Google Analytics to help you get more ROI from your blogs


We show you how Facebook clickers moved through your website page by page after landing

Whether paid or unpaid Facebook traffic, return on investment is the objective

Google Adwords Return on Investment

See the keywords that brought people to your website from Google Adwords

Then filter the Adwords visitors to any level of granularity so that you can focus on what’s working and what’s not working

LinkedIn Paid Advertising

We show you how clickers from LinkedIn moved through your website page by page after landing

If you’re paying for LinkedIn clicks, they won’t be cheap. We focus on measuring ROI

Online Directory Listings

Paying for online directory listings works for some businesses and not for others

We show you how to get an independent view of what happens to clicks from those online directories

Outbound Sales Calls

99% of businesses won’t be using A1WebStats to get more results from outbound sales calls

Discover how you can squeeze more value out of all those phone calls being made

Excluding your own company from seeing your Google Ads

All businesses should exclude internal IP addresses from triggering their Google Ads

How to stop Google Ads clicks from competitors and suppliers

Excluding competitors & suppliers from seeing your Google Ads makes your budget go further

How to use IP exclusions to stop Google Ads clicks from within the Education sector

Google Ads clicks from the Education sector will drain your budget. It’s time to fight back!

Google Ads IP Address Exclusions Limit

Google limit you to only 500 rows of IP exclusions. By using IP ranges you can squeeze more out of the limit.