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LinkedIn Paid Advertising

Do you use paid advertising to attract traffic from LinkedIn?

Or do you post content that gets other forms of traffic entering your website from LinkedIn?

Whether it’s paid or unpaid LinkedIn traffic, the ideal result is that some of those clicks to your website become useful enquiries for you – particularly when you’re using paid advertising on LinkedIn.

A1WebStats makes it easy for you to see:

  1. The numbers of people who landed on website pages as a result of visibility on LinkedIn.
  2. How many of those people went further than the page they landed on.

It can’t identify the people of course but it will sometimes show you the company they are from, IF they clicked through from a device connected to their business network.

However, it’s worth noting, that people clicking on advertising/links from LinkedIn, will often be doing so out of core working time or away from their business location.  For example, someone may be browsing through LinkedIn while on a mobile device or at home and so you’re not going to be able to see their business name appear in the A1WebStats system.

Here’s the worst case scenario:

Paid traffic from LinkedIn goes no further than the page people landed on, and you get very poor enquiries.

In this scenario, A1WebStats will show you the number of people who came into your website via LinkedIn, and how many of those people went no further than the landing page.  When that’s expressed as a percentage (e.g. 70% go no further than the landing page) then it’s time to take action.

This is the recommended sequence of action to take:

  1. Look very closely at the LinkedIn visibility itself – particularly if you’ve created paid advertising.Is it hitting the right demographic (for example, paid advertising targeting certain job roles within a particular industry, in a certain geographical target area)?  Could the wording or imagery be attracting the ‘wrong types of clicks’?  Are you absolutely sure that people who click are the types of people likely to want to make contact with you?
  2. Having fixed any weaknesses in the LinkedIn visibility you’re then faced with the question of: “If we’re attracting the right types of clickers, then what’s stopping them from engaging after they land on our website?”.This is when you need to put yourselves in the shoes of the website visitors to see whether your website landing page, and supporting pages, are truly giving them enough to make them want to engage with you.