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Google Ads beyond the click return on investment – basic method

If you have applied the basic method of setup, and have allowed time to accumulate clicks from Google Ads, this page will provide some insights into how to measure return on investment from those clicks.

However, if you want a more granular level of analysis (which we recommend), then you will need to follow the more advanced setup guidance.

If you are spending on Google Ads, whether set up in-house, or outsourced to others, you may feel that you’re gaining enquiries from that visibility.

However, it’s likely that you’re wasting much of your budget.

This is for two reasons:

  1. The setup of the Google Ads themselves needs to be strengthened to ensure that you are gaining the RIGHT types of clicks.
  2. Your website doesn’t have the strength needed to convert those clicks to enquiries/sales.

It’s very common for the problem to be a combination of both the above.

So let’s work towards helping you to fix that …


Video 1

This video shows you how to:

Take a very basic view of all your Google Ads visitors …

… then review the page by page movements of those who went further than the landing page …

… and then assess how many of them went no further than the landing page (and how you can then utilise that data to strengthen your Google Ads and website) …



Video 2

This video expands on the video above, showing you how to …

Display all your visitors from Google Ads …

… then remove irrelevant visits (e.g. include only clicks from countries that you want to target) …

… then to focus on the best and worst outcomes from those Google Ads clicks …

… leading to insights into what needs to change so that you get stronger return on investment from your Google Ads.



Here to help

The videos above are just a few examples of how to use A1WebStats to dig a bit deeper into what happened to your Google Ads visitors beyond the click.

Interpreting data from Google Ads clicks is in our blood at A1WebStats.

Are you trying to work out something related to your Google Ads return on investment?

If you are trialling or subscribing to A1WebStats, just contact us – we’ll be happy to help you.