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Linking enquiries back to their sources

The objective of these pages is to get you to a position where:

  1. Most enquiries gained can be linked back to their marketing sources and how your website flow contributed towards the enquiry.
  2. You gain a picture of what is working or not working within your marketing/website visibility.


The importance of enquiries logging

If you routinely log every incoming enquiry, you have the option to link each one back to their source.

Then you are in a position to compare enquiries gained to the overall number of relevant website visitors.

Enquiries from phone calls

You can link each incoming phone enquiry back to how the caller moved through your website

That gives you insights into what worked enough for the caller to pick up the phone

Enquiries from emails

When you receive an enquiry by email, the enquirer may have been on your website at that time

You can identify the visit that led to the enquiry, including what brought them to your website

Enquiries from enquiry/contact forms

These are the easiest enquiries to link back to website visitors data IF you’re set up correctly

You’ll be able to link every enquiry back to what brought the visitor to your website, including previous visits.