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Landing page conversions

To gain the best results from data showing companies visiting your website, we recommend that you read through these guides in sequence.

The objective of the guides is to get you to a position where:

  1. You get a picture of the useful people landing on certain pages (meaning: weeding out irrelevant visitors).
  2. You can identify what is getting in the way of those useful visitors engaging with your website and you.

If it’s quicker/easier for us to take  you through your own landing pages data, exploring how to gain better results from those visitors, then just contact us for free assistance.

Identify Important Landing Pages

You can’t properly measure success of landing pages by looking at Google Analytics. This guide is the first of four that will help you.

Weed Out The Junk

Part 2 guides you through how to remove irrelevant visitors to your landing page(s). This leaves you with a true picture of relevant visitors to analyse in parts 3 and 4.

What brought people to those pages?

Having gained a view of relevant visitors to your landing page in part 2, part 3 focuses on showing you what brought each visitor to your website, so that you can further refine your strategy

Where Did People Go After Landing?

In this final step, you’ve got a view of relevant page visitors and can now focus on what needs to change within your website page(s) so that you gain more enquiries than your competitors