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Weed Out The Junk

If you’ve followed the initial step on the previous page then you’ll have a view of the most important landing pages.

Ideally, you will start your analysis with just one particular landing page.  You can then focus on others using this same process.

It’s time to weed out the junk.

You may have identified numerous visitors who landed on your website page of interest, but many of those will be irrelevant.

This means they’ll be people who would never have bought from you.

You can use the A1WebStats system to eliminate irrelevant traffic such as:

  • Visitors from countries that you don’t sell to
  • Competitors, suppliers, and others that wouldn’t become buyers
  • Internal website traffic (visitors from your own business)

It may take you a little longer to weed out the junk but it’ll give you a much more accurate picture of the relevant visitors who landed on your page(s).

This video shows you how to use filters within A1WebStats, so that you are left with only relevant visitors, ready for analysing in more depth through the guidance within our page what brought people to those pages?