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Irrelevant traffic

We assume that you want more.

Lots more.

You want lots more enquiries about, and sales of, specific products or services that you offer via your website.

If you looked at Google Analytics data alone, you’d get a misleading picture of how many visitors got as far as a specific product or service part of your website.  That figure would include a lot of irrelevant traffic but Google Analytics doesn’t make it easy to remove those.

But we do.

We can show you how to use filters within A1WebStats to achieve the following:

  1. Identify a product or service page on your website.
  2. Highlight all visitors to that page within your chosen period of time.
  3. Filter out irrelevant traffic such as:
    • Visitors from outside your geographical target area.
    • Competitors.
    • Bots.
    • Other undesirable data.

Having done that you’ll see the final ‘relevant’ number of visitors who got to your product or service page.  It may be a smaller number but it gives you a number that’s relevant – i.e. people who were feasibly in a position to buy from you.  It’s this number that you compare to the level of enquiries you gained in that time period.


Next step: see our guide on how to compare visitors vs enquiries.