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Visitors vs Enquiries

If you’ve seen our guide to weeding out irrelevant traffic then you’ll be left with a number of visitors that have been to a specific part of your website, who you consider to be ‘relevant’.

These are the visitors who could feasibly have become buyers of/enquiries about, your products or services.

So now choose a specific time period.  It could be a week.  It could be a month and ask yourself this question:

How many enquiries did we get about that product or service (from people who could feasibly have gone to that part of your website), and how does that compare to the number of visitors to that part of the website?

How does that look as a percentage?

You’re in the minority if you say ‘Good’.

You’re in the majority if you say ‘Bad’.

If you’re in the minority, congratulations – feel free to analyse another part of your website for opportunities to improve.

If you’re in the majority, take a look at our guide to guaranteed success from your website.