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How often and how much do people use A1WebStats?

There’s huge variety in how A1WebStats customers utilise the data and functionality available to them.

They largely fall into one of the following groupings, with this data being current as at March 2021 …


A1WebStats customer types by usage

  1. View the daily emails, showing names of companies that visited the website, but don’t click through to the detail level of what each visiting company looked at page by page.  

    21% of our customers do this. 
  2. Log into their account (either directly or via the daily emails) every 2-3 days, mainly to view the page by page views of companies that visited their website.  

    43% of our customers do this. 
  3. Log into their account every day, mainly to view details of companies that visited their website.

    25% of our customers do this. 
  4. Utilise their account to capitalise on details of companies visiting their website, but also to dig deeper into website visitor patterns in much more detail.

    11% of our customers do this.


Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each of the above …


Only view daily emails 

The daily emails show a very basic view of companies that visited the website, as in the example below:

A1WebStats daily email partial example

For some customers it’s sufficient just to know the name of companies that visited their website, but what’s missing is the valuable information of what they looked at page by page.

Taking the red highlighted company in the example above, here’s what’s missed by not clicking through to log in and seeing the detailed view of that company visitor, which includes what they looked at page by page:

A1WebStats visiting company example


By knowing what the visiting company looked at page by page, you are in a much better position to reach out to them with a message that’s tailored to what they were interested in.   

Without that additional information, you would have no insight into what they may have looked at on your website.

Advantage: quick to skim through.

Disadvantage: you miss out on the valuable information about the page by page movements of each company visitor.


Log in every 2-3 days

This is better than those customers who just look at the daily emails.

These customers typically ignore or switch off the daily emails and choose instead to log into their account every few days, to see which companies have been visiting and what they looked at page by page.

Typically used by businesses where quick response (to awareness that a company has visited) is not essential, or where the website visitor numbers are relatively low and so there’s only really a need to log in every few days to see who visited.

Advantage: makes ‘companies checking’ a task every few days instead of every day, and ensures that someone is looking at the page by page views of all visitors.

Disadvantage: if a company visited your website and also other websites, your competitors may be picking up on company visitors more frequently (e.g. daily) and may have made contact with them before you’ve even seen them in your own data.  Also, if you have strong levels of data, it can become a chore to review several visitors within one session.


Log in daily

Chances are that a company visiting your website will also be visiting the websites of your competitors.

If you’re logging in and viewing visiting companies on a daily basis, then you are able to reach out to them promptly.   If your competitors aren’t tracking companies that visit their website, that promptness may not seem so important but if they ARE tracking companies, then you need to be contacting them before your competitors do.

We recommend logging in daily to identify companies of interest to you and acting on that information promptly.

We do have customers who check their visitors more regularly.  They do this by periodically checking their visitors during each day so that they have the option to reach out on the same day that their prospect visited their website.  This can be made easier by creating an A1WebStats alert that picks up on visiting companies that haven’t already been tagged (e.g. as a customer or prospect) and instantly notifies one or more people in the business.

Advantages: if you have strong levels of website visitors then it’s easier to review and action them on a daily basis, than if you left it for a few days and have too many to plough through.  Daily checking of your visiting companies enables you to respond faster than your competitors.

Disadvantage: after building the daily check into a process, this becomes as much a part of your day as many other activities you undertake.  Therefore, there aren’t really any disadvantages.


Digging deeper

Although it’s the minority of our customers who do this, fully utilising the deeper A1WebStats functionality is what gets bigger results.

These customers still follow up on the identifiable companies that visit their websites but they also ask the question: 

What about all the other visitors, who weren’t identifiable as companies, but that would have included many ‘company people’ who may be unidentifiable (e.g. working from home or a location that can’t be linked to their company name)?

Here’s an example …

A website may have 100 visitors to a particular product page during a week.

15 of those 100 are identifiable as companies and can be followed up on.

85 of those 100 are not identifiable as companies but their visits are still recorded by A1WebStats.  Here’s an example of one below…

Anonymous visitor to several pages


The A1WebStats system can be used to look at every visitor who got to a certain page (e.g. the product page shown in the example above).

The question to then ask is:

How many enquiries did we get (e.g. about a particular product) within that time period (e.g. a week) compared to the overall number of visitors who got to that part of our website page, as evidenced within our data?

If the answer to that question is “not enough enquiries!” then it normally means that there’s an opportunity to strengthen website content, and sometimes adjust marketing to be more targeted, so that conversions from visits to enquiries are significantly increased.

Advantages: your business will grow more by using the deeper functionality of A1WebStats, than it would if purely using it to identify companies that visited your website.

Disadvantage: it takes time and requires a staff resource that is dedicated to an ongoing process of being inquisitive about website visitor patterns, wanting to ‘be better’ all the time.


We’re here to help

Most of our customers use a small part of what A1WebStats is designed to do.

That small part is: identifying companies that visited a website, so that they can be followed up on.

If you feel that you may not be utilising that visiting companies data as effectively as you could be, then please do contact us and arrange a free screenshare call so that we can help you.

If you also feel that you’d like to be part of the minority – the (as at March 2021) 11% of our customers who benefit by using A1WebStats in a much more deeper way, then you’ll very much benefit from a free screenshare call that would enable you to discover how to get more of your website visitors contacting you, instead of chasing them or losing the anonymous ones to competitors who may have stronger websites.


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