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Get traffic to my website – stop being stupid!

Your traffic numbers

How much traffic do you get to your website each month?

  • 100 visitors?
  • 300 visitors?
  • 500 visitors?
  • 1,000 visitors?
  • More?

Let’s see what you would gain by having more traffic …


Traffic vs results

If you gain more traffic to your website then you should (in theory) gain proportionally more enquiries/sales than you previously had.

If you had 500 visitors and they resulted in 5 enquiries then it’s fairly safe to assume that 1,000 of the same types of visitors will give you 10 enquiries.  But how much of a ‘result’ is that?  It’s a 1% conversion rate, which is very weak.

Yes, you could keep increasing traffic to your website and keep getting that 1% conversion rate, which brings you more business, BUT think about the effort and expense it takes to get that extra traffic and compare that to …


Increasing your conversion rate

Let’s say you have 1,000 visitors per month, having invested in getting more of the same types of traffic to your website.  Your visitors to enquiries rate is 1%

Let’s also say that a competitor of yours also has 1,000 visitors per month.  However, their conversion rate is 2% because they’ve invested more time and resources in making their website stronger.

This makes your competitor the long-term winner because all the time you’re focusing on just generating more traffic to your website, your competitor is focusing on raising their conversion rate.

In short, if your conversion rate is 1% and your competitors conversion rate is 3% then they only need a third of the traffic that you need in order to get the same number of enquiries.


You can’t be bothered?

If you’re thinking “I can’t be bothered to put effort into my website so that it converts traffic to enquiries at a stronger rate!” then here’s a message for you:

Stop being stupid!

That’s right – stupid.  Only a stupid person would favour increasing website traffic over increasing a poor conversion rate into a good one.  If this is you, then please do stop reading now.


What are your important numbers?

You only need a basic website analytics system to see your important numbers each month.  Those numbers are:

  1. How many overall visitors?
  2. How many of those were from your geographical target market?
  3. How many visitors were gained to specific product or service pages?
  4. How many visitors looked at pages that help towards conversion (for example, your testimonials page)?
  5. How much did you spend on promoting your website?
  6. How many visitors looked at specific product or service pages, compared to the number of enquiries gained about each product or service?
  7. How do your traffic numbers and expenditure compare to the actual number of enquiries/sales gained?  Give it a percentage.

Even at the most basic level, taking your overall website visitor numbers and comparing those to the number of enquiries that you’ve gained in a month (where you believe your website played a part in attracting the enquiries), will give you a percentage conversion rate.

You can of course dig deeper to work out the number of potentially useful website visitors (e.g. eliminating those from other countries, competitors, and more), which is where systems like A1WebStats become useful.  However, to start with, it’s the important numbers that should be focused on before considering raising levels of traffic to your website.


Increasing conversions

This is a huge subject and there are limitless ways in which you can increase conversions from your existing levels of website traffic.   The starting point should ideally be in analysing your biggest numbers.  For example, which product or service are most people looking at on your website, and what could be stopping them from making contact with you?

If you’ve worked out your visitors to enquiries conversion rate and the percentage looks weak, but you can’t work out why, feel free to contact us – we’ll be happy to help identify opportunities for beneficial change within your website.


Exceptions to our thoughts on this subject

It’s not always stupid to have too much focus on driving traffic to a website.  A couple of exceptions are:

  1. If you have particularly low traffic to your website (say, less than 400 visitors per month) then your focus shouldn’t be on making your website stronger (although it may still need that) but should instead be on finding ways to boost the numbers of useful (i.e. not just anyone) visitors to your website.
  2. If you already have a good conversion rate from your website visitors and feel that you can’t get that conversion rate any higher, THEN you could start focusing more on generating more traffic to your website.


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