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Whitelisting A1WebStats

Why you need to whitelist A1WebStats

A1WebStats sends you emails containing information related to your website visitors.

Those emails may be standard daily emails or they may be bespoke reports/emails that you create.

Email systems do their job well when they remove what they perceive to be irrelevant emails (e.g. moving them to junk).

To ensure that you receive emails from the A1WebStats system, you will need to whitelist our domains.

The most common email systems we see are Outlook and Gmail.  If your email system is different to those, please do see the information at the bottom of this page.


Whitelisting A1WebStats in Outlook

Within Outlook, click on Junk and then  Junk E-Mail Options

whitelist outlook 1

Click on the Safe Senders tab and then click on Add

whitelist outlook 2

Within the box ‘Add address or domain’ enter these two domains (one at a time)

whitelist outlook 3

Then click on OK to ensure your settings are kept.

whitelist outlook 4

You should then always receive emails from A1WebStats, without them going to junk.



Whitelisting A1WebStats in Gmail

Within Gmail click on the Gear icon and then choose Settings from the list.

whitelist gmail 1

Click on Filters and Blocked Addresses and then click the link ‘Create a new filter’

whitelist gmail 2

Within the From field enter these two domains (one at a time) and then ‘Create filter’ …

whitelist gmail 3

For each domain that you enter you will have a pop up that asks you what to do with messages from that domain.  You need to tick ‘Never send it to Spam’ and then click on ‘Create Filter’.

whitelist gmail 4

You will see confirmation that your filters are set up …

whitelist gmail 5

You should then always receive emails from A1WebStats.



Whitelisting in other systems

Is your email system not covered here?

Please do contact us so that we can support you and update this page with information that will help other people using your email system.


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