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Recruitment agencies – how to be clever about business development

Our experience of recruitment agencies

We get a LOT of recruitment agencies sign up for trials of A1WebStats.

Their interest is primarily in identifying names of companies that have been to their website and that have looked at their pages offering recruitment services to businesses.

They often get disappointed.

Here’s why …


How recruitment agencies typically use A1WebStats

The agency signs up for a free 30 day trial of A1WebStats.

They start to see names of companies visiting their website.

However, they’re only focused on the companies that get to their pages offering services to businesses.

They find that relatively few businesses get to those parts of their website.

They don’t see the value and don’t go beyond the free trial.

The problem is that the recruitment agencies are not thinking outside the box …


Out the box recruitment agency thinking

Here’s the reality, like it or not:

Businesses are NOT actively searching for recruitment agencies in anywhere the numbers you may think they would be.

The same applies to IT support businesses, web developers and some other business types – there simply aren’t strong numbers of people actively searching for some types of businesses.

So how do you fuel your pipeline of future clients who will use you to fill their vacancies?

Out of the box recruitment agency thinking works like this …

  • Sign up for an A1WebStats trial
  • It’s totally free for 30 days, with no sales pitch guaranteed.  If you see the benefits of the system, you have the choice to continue after the trial.
  • Analyse ALL the data

Take a look at this website visit to a recruitment agency website – what do you see?

Recruiter job seeking example

Here’s what we see:

  1. An employee from Aqua Fire Prevention Limited has clicked through to the recruitment website from their work location.
  2. They are browsing jobs related to accounting/finance.
  3. Therefore, they are likely to be currently working in accounts/finance for Aqua Fire Prevention.


The value in that information is huge …


Building up the recruitment agency client pipeline

Most agencies would look at that example above and think:

“So what – it’s an employee using their work computer to look for a new job”

Clever agencies would look at the above and think:

“Aqua Fire Prevention have an employee who is looking for another job.  That person will probably put their notice in at some point in the near future.  That means that Aqua Fire Prevention will need to replace that person.  We should find ways to reach out to Aqua Fire Prevention, because they could become a future client”.


Contacting the potential client

We’re not suggesting that you contact companies and say:

“Hey, guess what, one of your people in your [insert department name here] function is looking for a new job – we’d like to help you when they do decide to hand in their notice”.

That approach above has actually been used by some recruitment agencies, but it’s quite a harsh way of doing it.

Perhaps something more subtle similar to this would work:

  1. Write a letter (yes, printed mail gets a lot more attention than electronic communication) to a named person in that business (likely an HR person, who you’ve researched via LinkedIn). Ensure that the letter contains a friendly message that you’re available, should they have any recruitment requirements in the future.
  2. After a week, try to connect to that person via LinkedIn (use InMail if you have to) with a message similar to: “I sent you a letter last week, because a little birdie told me that you may have a staff member leaving soon. Please do connect if you’d like me to expand on that”.
  3. If they are responsive, this is the opportunity to refer to what you know about ‘someone anonymous from their business’ who has been to your recruitment website looking for a new job.  You could choose not to tell them what department they were from, but leave it that you’re available if it does happen … and can supply candidates to fill the position within the department that appears to have someone who is looking to leave.
  4. If they are unresponsive, then there will likely be other ways to further nurture the potential client.


Why go to all this effort?

Some of you reading this will think “that’s a lot of effort to set up such processes”, and you’d be right – but think about it this way:

  1. Using A1WebStats you will be able to identify many ‘potential candidates’ who visit your recruitment website looking for a new job.
  2. Of those, many will be identifiable by company name, and you’ll know what type of job they were looking for.
  3. Working within a process/system you create, you could be contacting various people in companies that could become future clients for your agency.


Some hypothetical numbers

In one month you identify 100 companies where their people are looking for a new job.

Of those 100, you initially reach out to 70 (some may not be suitable, or already known to you).

Of those 70 that you send letters to/nurture in other ways, 10 (the pessimistic view!) become engaged with you/are impressed in your proactive approach/ability to know when their staff are looking around for work.

Of those 10, 5 become new customers in the weeks/months ahead.

Each of those customers is worth £XXXX to you for each position filled.

Compare the value of each new client to the actual cost of time/resource to nurture those potential clients in the first place.

We think you’ll see that it’s clearly worth it.

If nothing else, it’s worth trying out.

Which leads onto …



Try it out for free

You can get a free 30 day trial of A1WebStats.

If you have your processes in place (noting all the above), you could be experimenting with this method of new business development, during your free trial period.

It would be nice if you benefited within that relatively short period of time, but it may take a bit longer.

You have the choice of continuing after the trial if you want to (£50 + VAT per month with no contract – you can instantly cancel any time).

If you continue after your trial, here’s what we suggest you entering into your diary/reminder system a month after first paying for A1WebStats:

  1. I paid £50 + VAT for A1WebStats a month ago.
  2. How many businesses did I identify that had their staff looking for jobs?
  3. How many of those did I write to/reach out to?
  4. What responses did I get?
  5. Is it worth continuing with the monthly subscription?

And then set that same reminder up for the following months – just to keep up the focus on ensuring you get return on investment.



Any questions?

We’re here to help – please do reach out to us via the details on our contact page.





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