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How worried are your competitors?

A1WebStats have today (29th January 2017) launched our new website.

It’s very different to our previous website (although there’s still a lot that needs to be added in that didn’t make it for launch date).

Our new site launch is also a good opportunity to focus on an important question for all businesses:

How much of a threat are you to your competitors?

One method of assessing how much of a threat you are to competitors, is to use the A1WebStats system to track visits from your competitors.

  • How often do they visit?
  • What do they look at?
  • If you make significant changes to your website, how interested are your competitors in those changes?

Logically, if your competitor is a regular visitor to your website then it’s not because they love you – it’s because they see you as a threat and want to see:

  1. Why they lose business to you.
  2. What you offer on your website that they could capitalise on.

It’s no secret that Lead Forensics in particular are a regular visitor to the A1WebStats website.  Typically they look at our pages about them, and our pricing page.

And now there’s a lot more content to be looking at.

And when our competitors look, we see what they’ve been looking at.

It reinforces that they see us as a significant threat – there is no other logical reason for a competitor to visit a website so often.

So, enough about us – who are YOUR competitors?

And do you use A1WebStats to alert you when they come to your website, so that you can see what they’re looking at?

If you don’t know how to do that, then just contact us – we’ll be happy to help you.

If your competitors are NOT regular visitors then it could tell you that:

  1. They could be complacent.
  2. They don’t see you as a threat.

… so what can you do to make yourselves more of a thorn in their side?  Ideally, you WANT to see your competitors visiting your website quite regularly.

If your competitors ARE regular visitors then that’s great news – it’s likely that you’re causing them pain – keep up the good work!

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