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How digital professionals will get the world of business back on its feet

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Why your clients need you more than ever

Where digital professionals are winning

Where A1WebStats helps you get more business

Step by step action plan



The future for businesses

Most businesses (including your clients) have been (and will continue to be) negatively impacted by Coronavirus, and are highly aware that returning to work will mean they are operating within an economic recession and things are going to be tougher than they expected they’d be in 2021 and beyond.

That will have these significant impacts on them:

  1. There will be less buyers.
  2. Those who ARE buying will have higher expectations from their budgets.

Those businesses (your clients) need your services more than ever.

They need to have an online presence and marketing that is better than their competitors.

They need to be the ONE that is chosen from a range of options potential buyers are aware of online.

If you have any clients that aren’t taking this seriously, then you should be thinking about bringing in new clients who don’t have their heads in the sand.


Déjà vu

You’ve probably wanted to help your clients be better ‘online’ for some time – way before Coronavirus raised its nasty head.

You may have been frustrated that your clients hadn’t spent enough with you, purely because they previously didn’t have the budget, or it wasn’t high priority in pre-Coronavirus days.

You may currently be advising them that they can be stronger online, as you have done in the past.  It probably feels like déjà vu.

The difference now is that it’s no longer an option for your clients to be stronger online – it’s imperative to their survival and growth because there is going to be less potential business to gain, plus competitors that they need to be beating.


Where digital professionals are winning

Here at A1WebStats we were extremely busy throughout 2020.

We had huge amounts of dialogue with hundreds of digital professionals (from individual web developers and marketers, through to agencies of all sizes) …

Webinars …

Phone calls …

Forum discussions.

The clear picture from all that dialogue was this:

Businesses were worried about survival and were aware that they really should be spending on building their online/marketing strength, but they were nervous about committing budget that they don’t have.

Digital professionals initially had projects slashed and lost business to some proactive competitors who were innovating in tough times.   This point was fascinating, as we saw many examples of long-established clients of agencies jump ship to another provider who offered them what they needed at a price they could afford.

What became clear during 2020 was that the solution for winners was relatively simple …

  1. Digital professionals provided the services needed by their clients/future clients, ensuring that their online presence/marketing thrashes all their competitors.
  2. In exchange for that focused work, the clients committed to pay for the work done, spread over a much longer period of time. This varied, but 12 months appeared to be normal throughout 2020.  That commitment was in the form of a legal document between the client and the services provider, ensuring that they get paid each month from the date they start delivering.

Short-term, the digital professionals may have lost out financially, but on the upside:

  1. They were using skills, so overheads were relatively low.
  2. They created a position of monthly revenues, that has partially turned out to be their new way of doing business in the future (to avoid troughs in income).
  3. They retained clients that could have gone elsewhere.
  4. Clients became stronger as a result of the work done, and were more likely to recommend their contacts onto their digital services provider, who offered flexible terms to get through their pain points.

As they went into 2021 many agencies/developers found that although they lost some clients, they gained more work from existing clients while also gaining new clients because of their flexibility on pricing.


Where A1WebStats helps in 2021 and beyond

Coronavirus didn’t go away as quickly as people hoped.   As at early 2021, businesses continued to suffer from reduced demand for products/services (in so many sectors), with the winners being those who had focused on their online presence during 2020.

That leaves many other businesses who have two choices having entered 2021:

  1. Make changes to their online presence.
  2. Do nothing/little and let competitors take all their business.

Here’s where we (A1WebStats) come into the picture …

A1WebStats is software (that is white labelled by digital professionals – initially free for 60 days) that achieves two goals.

One is what your client thinks is most interesting.

The other is more important to them and to you …


Companies tracking

Your clients will be interested in the names of companies that go to their websites.

There may be fewer of them than pre-Coronavirus, but given that sort of data, many businesses will capitalise on it.

They can see those in summary view …

a1webtats visiting companies example summary view April 2020

And they can see the page by page movements of how those companies navigated through their website …

a1webtats visiting companies example detail view April 2020

When your clients see companies of interest to them, they’re then in a position to reach out to them, if those companies didn’t make contact.

While that has a value, it’s not the answer to their problems (lack of new business) because:

  1. Not all companies can be identified. In normal times you’d expect to see 10-25% as identifiable as a company (by their IP address).   Since Coronavirus, that percentage has been lower (within a range of 8-19% on average) because businesses are buying less, and more staff are working from home.
  2. Whether the visitors to a website are identifiable as companies or not, people are still looking through websites and are not making contact.  Many of those people will be working from home/may still be ‘company people’ but they can’t be identified by their IP address.  They are still people who aren’t making contact, because something about the website didn’t resonate with them.  ‘Chasing companies’ has some value, but the ultimate solution is to have an online presence that converts more visitors to enquiries.

That leads nicely onto …


Identifying opportunities to strengthen

Forget Google Analytics – it’s weak in comparison to how A1WebStats helps to identify opportunities to strengthen websites and marketing.

A1WebStats is software that uncovers weaknesses, leading to opportunities.

It’s not heat mapping, video tracking, or spilt testing pages.

It’s more basic (but yet more detailed) than that, and works best like this:

  1. Ask your client what product/service they’d like more enquiries about.
  2. Use their A1WebStats data to identify every individual visitor who got to that part of the website, including what they looked at page by page before and after that part of the website.
  3. Share the data with your client (typically via a screenshare call). Ask your client what levels of enquiries they got, compared to the levels of activity within that part of their website.
  4. Knowing that your client will not be happy with the level of enquiries they gained, but who can’t deny that the data is showing improvement is needed, you make recommendations of how your skills can strengthen their conversion rates.
  5. Your client is unlikely to have budget available, so offer them a payment schedule (e.g. over 12 months) for you to do the work that will make a positive difference to their business.
  6. When you’ve done the work, continue to engage with your client, ensuring that the strengthening had the desired effect.
  7. Your client will then want to focus on other products or services that they offer via their website, and will welcome you using the A1WebStats data again to focus attention on what can be improved and how you will make a positive difference.

You may be thinking:

“I don’t need A1WebStats to prove why something needs changing to improve the enquiries rate of my client – I can just make suggestions”.

Our answer to that is that your client may be thinking:

“They want to get more paid work from me, which I know is important to them, but is there really that much of a problem with that part of our website?”

Compare that to this scenario:

  1. Your client identifies something they want more enquiries about.
  2. The DATA shows that there’s a problem to resolve.
  3. The DATA tells them that they need to take your recommendations, instead of it purely being a case of what you FEEL needs doing, and that you’ll make money from.

Look at this another way:

  1. Your client has a wound that’s hurting them (lack of enquiries about a product or service).
  2. The data is rubbing salt into that wound, further emphasising the pain.
  3. YOU are the healing balm, bandage and painkiller.



Step by step action plan

We’ll be open – we want you to white label A1WebStats – initially totally free for 60 days.

We also want it to increase your revenues without it costing you anything.

Ultimately, we want our product/service to be a part of strengthening the success of businesses, via the skills of digital professionals like you.

Here’s a quick summary of what follows …

  1. Show your clients that you care about their prosperity.
  2. Give them value via white labelled A1WebStats totally for free for 60 days.
  3. Help your clients become more successful, while increasing your own revenues and client loyalty.
  4. Choose whether you wish to continue after the 60 day free trial (£200/month – no contract).  Within those free 60 days you should have seen that the extra business and client loyalty that you gain easily offsets the cost of paying for your A1WebStats white label.

Here’s the step by step …


Step 1 – offer your clients something for nothing

This step happens before you sign up for your free trial of white labelled A1WebStats.

Email your clients (and maybe prospects) with a message similar to this:

In the current economy, there will be less people actively buying, because they are conscious of limited cashflow.

However, there will still be some people sourcing products and services (including yours).

AT NO COST TO YOU, would you like to see the names of companies that are visiting your website, including what they looked at page by page?

We are very close to launching this service to help our customers, so please do let me know if you are interested?

Assess how many responses you get within a week or two.

Follow up by phone with those who didn’t respond, just to check they received the email.

If you get more than four positive responses then you and your clients will benefit from the A1WebStats white label free trial.

At that point contact us via, with:

  1. Subject line of: Interested in white label.
  2. Your contact details.
  3. Whether you want us to set you up the white label now, or whether you’d like a screenshare call to show you the system and how it will help you and your clients.

From the time of requesting a free white label 60 day trial, it will take up to a week to get your account ready to set up client user accounts.

You can set up as many client user accounts as you want to.

The only limit is that during the trial you can track a maximum of 15,000 visitors shared between any number of individual user accounts.   Whether you’ve got a few, or lots of clients, they all share the overall 15,000 visitors allowance per month.

If you have higher data requirements then there are pricing tiers that allow for that after your free trial.


Step 2 – offer your clients even more for nothing

Your clients will automatically receive daily emails (branded as your white label), showing them details of companies that visited their website.

When at least two weeks of data has collected, go back to your clients with a message similar to this:

I hope that you are benefiting from seeing details of companies that have been visiting your website.

The system we use for that information also gives us more insights into why there aren’t more people making contact about specific products/services that you offer.

If you could select just one product/service that you’d like more enquiries about, what would it be?

At no cost to you, I’ll use the data to analyse visitors to that part of the website, and will make some recommendations that will increase your enquiries rate.

Diarise to follow up by phone with anyone who doesn’t respond to that message.

For those that do respond, tell them that you’ll undertake the analysis and get back to them in a few days.


Step 3 – utilise A1WebStats support

The A1WebStats system is very powerful, but data does need to be interpreted, and you’ll find it  beneficial for us to familiarise you with how to get the best from the A1WebStats system.

Throughout your 60 day free trial of our white label (and beyond if continuing afterwards), you have access to our support (via screenshare calls).

Here’s how that typically works:

  1. Your client has shared what product/service they’d like more enquiries about.
  2. On the screenshare call, we guide you through how to use the A1WebStats system to analyse that part of the website in detail.
  3. The outcome from the call will be shared insights into what the data is saying, plus how your skills can be utilised to improve conversions from visitors to that part of the website.
  4. You are then ready for Step 4.


Step 4 – depress … and then impress your client

Arrange a call (ideally a screenshare) with your client, showing them the same data that we discussed in Step 3 above.

Depress your client by asking them how many enquiries/sales were gained from the visitors you are showing them to that part of their website.

Your client may not know exactly what level of enquiries/sales they got, but they WILL know that the conversion rate needs to be improved.

Share your recommendations for how you can strengthen that part of their online presence, and why that will increase enquiries/sales.

Impress your client by presenting your pricing in the form of stretched payments (e.g. over 12 months) in exchange for them signing a document to guarantee you’ll get paid each month by direct debit or similar.


Step 5 – do the work

The faster you do the work, the faster your client will benefit.

The objective is to make that part of your client website (or their marketing) stronger than any of their competitors.

In the new world of business, only the best will gain the new business.

You are putting your client in the stronger position where they will win a part of a smaller pie of business that’s available.  At the same time, their competitors will lose and become weaker.


Step 6 – measure the outcomes

You have committed time to do the work.

Your client has committed to pay you over a longer period of time.

Both of you want it to work.

So, you need to measure outcomes.

You can use the A1WebStats system to help with that, by ongoing analysing visits to the updated part of the website, and comparing it to enquiries/sales gained, tweaking further if required.

The key objective is for your client to want you to do more work for them.  That work may be via stretched payments, or they may be in a better position to pay under your normal payment terms (especially if your previous work has gained them more business).


Step 7 – reap multiple benefits

Each of your clients will have:

  1. Details of companies visiting their website.
  2. Beneficial changes (that you have made) that has helped their business, and weakened their competitors.

You will also have strengthened your relationship with your client and that will lead to:

  1. Them giving you more paid work.
  2. Them recommending you onto their own contacts.

Could you have done all this without A1WebStats?

Sort of.

You could have signed them up to any companies tracking system, but wouldn’t have the free trial, nor the extremely low pricing and flexibility that we offer (that is unbeaten by any of our competitors).

You could have looked at their website visitors data (e.g. via Google Analytics) and made recommendations, and even gained paid work from them.  But it won’t be as detailed/insightful as when you allow our system and our people help you to find what will truly wow your clients.


Key to success from your white label trial

An A1WebStats white label trial is ONLY going to work if:

  1. You are truly dedicated to making your clients as successful as possible.
  2. You dedicate time to spending (screenshare) time with us, helping you to maximise your use of the A1WebStats system.

We’ve had white label triallers who only use the system to allow their clients to see companies that visit their websites.

That’s allowed (and many of them continue in the same way), but it doesn’t fit well within our business goal:

For businesses to use data intelligently in a way that leads to more enquiries/sales being gained, while weakening competitors.

That goal applies whether direct clients of A1WebStats, or clients of white labellers (like you) who can create what’s going to make a positive difference.


After the A1WebStats white label trial

If you’ve committed to the step by step processes on this page, you and your clients will benefit substantially from the white label trial.

Some of your clients will be mostly interested in companies visiting their website.

The real winners amongst your clients will be receptive to how you can help them (helped along by the A1WebStats system data and interpretation of that data).

Towards the end of your 60 day free trial, you’ll have the option to continue.

That’s not a heavy sales pitch – just a focus on what’s been gained from the trial and determining the value to you and your clients.

Continuing afterwards is priced at £200 (+ VAT) per month, for a website visitors allowance of 15,000 per month.

Those 15,000 visitors can be spread between as many client user accounts as you want to.  For example, you could have 20 clients that have 15,000 visitors between them and so the £200/month covers all 20 clients together.

If you want more data allowance over time, you have the option to change your pricing tier.  The next tiers up are:

15,000 – 25,000 visitors: £300 (+ VAT) per month.

25,000 – 35,000 visitors: £400 (+ VAT) per month.

35,000 – 45,000 visitors: £470 (+ VAT) per month.

We have higher pricing tiers – details are available on request.

There is no contract – you can cancel instantly at any time, as the arrangement is month by month.

Included in your paid white label is ongoing support from us, helping you to fully utilise what the A1WebStats system can do, all the time focusing on how that applies in making your clients (and ultimately you) more successful.


Getting started

In case you missed it, you need to follow the Step by step action plan.



You may have further questions about how white labelled A1WebStats can benefit you and your clients.

We’re here to help, so please do contact us via any of the methods on our contact page.


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