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Google Ads wasted clicks on competitors brands

Do you use Google Ads to bring visitors to your website, after they’ve searched for your competitors?

If so, this may benefit you.

How to do it wrong

This video provides an example of how to do it wrong:

That advertiser did the bare minimum of:

  1. Created keywords of their competitors brands
  2. Had them click through to a landing page that didn’t mention the brands or sell the benefits of their own business.

The data (as shown in the video) proved that those visitors mostly landed on that one page and went no further.

Pure waste of Google Ads budget.


How to do it right

If someone is searching for the brand of your competitor then they are likely to be one of:

  1. Using that competitor already
  2. Thinking about using that competitor
  3. Someone wanting to sell to that competitor.

For personas 1 and 2 above, the landing page from the Google Ads needs to include the following:

  1. Reference to competitors in the same market
  2. Reasons why the viewer should be considering you and how you stand out from the competitors.

You need to give people plenty of reasons to consider you, when they are already interested in your competitors.


The ultimate landing page

The person has searched for your competitor and seen your Google Ad that refers to that one competitor only.

That advert tells them that you have X USP’s that ensure that your customers stay with you for years.

The landing page is ideally dedicated to just one competitor (you could duplicate the page to focus on other competitors individually if you wanted to).

The landing page includes reference to each USP that you have.  For example:

  • Average customer lifetime value of 5 years
  • Average cost savings per customer of £XXXX per year
  • Dedicated account manager available 24/7
  • Fast turnaround time of two days
  • More testimonials than any competitors
  • More industry accreditations than competitors

Each USP will be unique to you and your industry.

For each of those USPs there should be a link that encourages the visitor to find out more about that individual USP.   That would take them to a separate page on your website that provides deeper information that will further impress them.

Why take them to another page?

Because you can use website analytics to track which USPs people are clicking on, and which they aren’t, which allows you to further adjust the focus of your landing page.   That will also allow you to link back enquiries you gain to how that person navigated through your website after the Google Ads click.


It’s a numbers game

In reality, most of the people searching Google for your competitors are not going to click on your advert.

That reduces the potential click through rate, which isn’t great for Google Ads.

However, the brand name keywords of your competitors are likely to be quite cheap clicks anyway.

Your aim is to attract that small percentage of searchers who are potentially ripe to be encouraged in your direction.

What will make that happen is very strong Google Ads copy plus a landing page that makes it an easy choice for them to contact you.




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