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Lead Forensics vs Google Analytics vs A1WebStats

Something that amuses us greatly is when we get calls from trial subscribers who tell us what people at Lead Forensics have said to them when they mention that they’re using A1WebStats for deeper analytical purposes.

The battle goes a bit like this:

  1. Company signs up for a trial of Lead Forensics and then A1WebStats (or vice-versa).
  2. Company sees that there are similarities between the two products (primarily, identifying companies that have visited their website) but has also had a conversation with A1WebStats, highlighting the many other useful features within the system.
  3. Company notes to Lead Forensics that A1WebStats has other analytics functionality that they find useful.
  4. Lead Forensics say (words to the effect of) “why would you want to use A1WebStats when you can use Google Analytics?”.

In other words, Lead Forensics know they’ve lost the battle but also don’t want us to gain the customer, and so raise doubts in the minds of people (about Google Analytics being a potentially useful resource that’s free).


What Lead Forensics is

A system that identifies companies that visit websites, what those companies look at, plus supporting functionality that helps with getting the best benefits from that knowledge.  It will identify what is, in reality, a relatively small percentage of all website visitors that are identifiable by their IP address.


What Lead Forensics isn’t

An analytics system.

The majority of visitors to a website can’t be easily identified by their IP address (typically two thirds upwards of all visitors can’t be identified).  Lead Forensics focus is on the aspects of website visitors that can be identified.

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What Google Analytics is

An analytics system that allows a lot of deep analysis, allowing people to make positive changes to their websites, having interpreted the data.   Google Analytics covers all website visitors and doesn’t encourage the identification of individual visitors.


What Google Analytics isn’t

Google Analytics isn’t easy for the average person to benefit from.  It has a lot to offer but can seem very complex to use.  It also shows very little about the IP details of visitors, and even those that can be identified, can’t be easily pulled into a useful format (e.g. identifying which pages those company visitors went to).  Google Analytics also doesn’t allow you to have a granular view of every single website visitor and how they moved through your website.


Where A1WebStats comes in

A1WebStats is not Google Analytics – it’s complementary because it has features that aren’t in Google Analytics, whereas Google Analytics has features that aren’t in A1WebStats.

Anyone that says that Google Analytics is enough for a business to gain the maximum potential from their website, has an uneducated viewpoint.   There are numerous types of tools, including analytics in different forms (not just our system but others, such as those that have strong heat mapping, and more).

Our view is that whether it’s Lead Forensics or other providers that provide a solution, that is only part of the picture of what’s needed to get the best results from websites.   Focusing on the functionality within A1WebStats, yes, we provide information about visiting companies but there’s a lot of other data (including those visitors who can’t be identified as visiting companies but who go through certain patterns on the website) that should be utilised.   But even then, we’re just part of a whole range of software solutions that could be used within a website (in order to get maximum benefits from visitors).

The successful businesses of the future won’t be focusing on ‘the basics’ (e.g. identifying companies that go to their websites) but will be focusing on how to make their websites/online marketing stronger in the first place, which facilitates more people making contact.

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