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Lead Forensics Pricing

This blog was last reviewed for accuracy in December 2020.

If you’re considering buying a product or service (either online or offline), do you like to know what it’ll cost before you invest more time in research or making contact with the seller?

The majority of people would say “yes!”.

Every day of the week we have conversations with people who tell us how Lead Forensics are elusive about their pricing while trying to get a free trial set up, then try to charge a high price, followed by reducing that price to make it look like a special deal.

So we thought it made sense to de-mystify this for anyone who is thinking of buying the Lead Forensics product because, frankly, we don’t think it makes sense for companies to squander money (particularly in this Coronavirus-impacted world) that they could be spending on other (non-analytics) products/services that will make their businesses more successful.


It’s not the 1980’s and this isn’t Peckham market

If you’re from outside the UK, you may not be aware of the tv programme Only Fools and Horses, which ran throughout the 1980’s (and the regular repeats).   If you’re not familiar, then picture a dodgy market trader who would sell anything to anyone at the best price they can get, regardless of whether the buyer would fully benefit.

Picture the scene …

You’re down Peckham market and Del Boy has something for sale.  It looks interesting, shiny, and new.  He gives you the talk, lets you handle the goods, gets you interested, and then tells you the price.   He makes a few sales to some people who didn’t want to pass up on the ‘today only’ offer.

The sensible people go off to other market stalls or elsewhere and see if they can find similar products at a cheaper price.


You can’t blame Del Boy or Lead Forensics for trying

In a way, we don’t blame Del Boy or Lead Forensics for trying their sales and pricing methods.  Amazingly, even though this type of technology has been around for many years, many companies will get a call from Lead Forensics, think “this is fantastic” and will pay the price after the short and limited access trial they’re given.  Those companies aren’t stupid – they just weren’t previously aware that such technology existed and there’s more than one provider of such services.

Some people would say it’s the mark of a good sales person who can interest someone in a product/service and get them to sign up for it on a contract of at least 12 months at a certain price.  That, of course, is the choice of the company selling the product or service (in any industry).

But is it ethical?


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Please do read on to see more on our views of Lead Forensics pricing.

However, if at this stage you’re wondering “why do A1WebStats think they’re better than Lead Forensics?”, then you may be interested in our 16 reasons why A1WebStats will get you more business than Lead Forensics page.

Go ahead – click on that, it’ll open up a new tab so you can still carry on reading below when you finish with that page.

We originally had a video on this page but Lead Forensics forced YouTube to remove it due to a ‘copyright claim’ (click on the play button and you’ll see that).

Copyright claim was just an excuse used by Lead Forensics because what they didn’t like was the content of the video.

So we’ll have to explain it instead (but if you’re interested, we still have our own copy of it that we’re happy to share with you if you contact us) …

Picture the scene: people within an office at Lead Forensics.

Someone makes a sale.

They then go round the whole room in a laddish way doing high fives and hugs etc. before then ringing the famous Lead Forensics bell to denote a sale.

It was ugly to say the least and sent out a very clear message of: making the sale is all that’s important – someone else parting with their money.

Whoever was stupid enough to film it has probably long since departed the company because it reinforced what their culture is.


How much does data actually cost?

Let’s be really clear about this – data does cost money and businesses have overheads to meet.  Lead Forensics have large overheads to meet.  A1WebStats has a fraction of the overheads.

To use an example, for those who don’t understand the perfume industry, it comes as a surprise to know that the cost to manufacture the actual perfume inside the bottle is pennies.  Everything surrounding it is what costs the money (product development, marketing, packaging, etc.).  That perfume (or aftershave) smell you put on your face/body actually costs less per bottle than pretty much anything you could try to buy.

In a similar way, data doesn’t cost as much as it’s portrayed to cost.  When you boil it down to basics, to link an IP address to a company name is a tiny tiny little cost.  Pennies are what it costs to pull in a few company records.

The costs are in how the data is packaged and any other overheads (staff, technical resources, premises, marketing, etc. etc.).  And of course, profit has to come into it.


The changing price of data

At A1WebStats, most of our customers have under 3,000 website visitors each month.  Everyone gets a 30 day free trial and, if continuing after the trial, the costs range from £30-50 per month (depending on the level of subscription required).   There’s also no contract (unlike Lead Forensics).   For customers with more than 3,000 website visitors each month, the costs are slightly higher and all clearly displayed within our pricing page.   And yes, we do make a profit on that.  Not huge, but still a profit.

We’ve been told by many people (who trial Lead Forensics) that prices vary depending on the amount of traffic that they have to their websites, which is something we find hard to understand.  After all, the core data is already stored away in a database – it’s not as if someone is having to actively go out and link all website visitor IP addresses back to company names.

What bugs us (and insults people) the most are the changing prices that people are quoted, based on circumstances.  So many people have told us that it seems like this:

  1. They’re contacted by Lead Forensics and have the trial.
  2. They’re taken through their data and are quoted a price that’s apparently beneficial to take advantage of quickly.
  3. Those same people go off to research the market and find A1WebStats and other suppliers, and decide to test what the differences are.
  4. The price from Lead Forensics starts to go down in line with it becoming clear that the business could be lost to a competitor.

In fact, regardless of whether a company decides to buy from A1WebStats, we actively encourage them to trial our system – you’d be amazed what impact it can have on pricing when our tracking code is installed on a website that also has the Lead Forensics tracking code on there!   You may still decide to buy Lead Forensics (although we have many people who realised they’d made a bad decision buying Lead Forensics and then they come to us after they get out of their year contract), but we’ll take the satisfaction that we contributed towards you getting a lower price.


But is it ‘right’?

Going back to Only Fools and Horses, if Del Boy down the market offers you a product for £300 and then sees that the market stall next to him is offering a similar product cheaper, Del Boy reduces his price to £200 and then £150, and occasionally cheaper than that.  So what do you feel then?  Perhaps that Del Boy was originally trying to make a big profit out of you?

Please don’t misunderstand us – we think that Lead Forensics has some great features and for some types of buyers, it’s still the right product at the right price – IF you firmly believe that identifying companies visiting your website is some sort of silver bullet (which it isn’t – see our article for more insights into this).  In our experience though, many businesses prefer to reserve their budget for other activities that will make them money.

In simple terms, every £1 spent on an analytics solution is £1 less to spend on PPC or another form of marketing.

That’s worth thinking about.

In fact, if we see trial subscribers who have less than 300 website visitors per month, we actively discourage them from buying A1WebStats and to instead spend budget on driving more traffic to their websites.


Come out of the 1980’s

At A1WebStats we genuinely care that businesses get the best from their websites.  That’s why our system is so much more than purely a way to identify companies who have visited.  We want our subscribers to have a cost-effective way to:

a)    Identify website weaknesses in a way that Google Analytics makes it hard to achieve (and then fix those weaknesses, leading to more business gained).

b)    As a backup, know which companies haven’t made contact (primarily, because the website wasn’t strong enough or the online marketing was inefficient) so that something can be potentially salvaged from that visit.

What we are totally against is the concept that it’s “good enough” to be chasing companies who have visited your website, but haven’t made contact.

In the majority of cases, the reasons those people from those companies haven’t made contact is simple: your website isn’t good enough, or your marketing brought in the wrong types of visitors.  Usually a combination of both.

We believe that Lead Forensics will change – they have no choice in the matter.  Market forces and online discussions will force the prices down, or at least to the point where those prices will be highly transparent before someone has even taken a trial with them.  We’d like to see that day.  Whatever the industry, please please please, let’s have no more Del Boy from the 1980’s culture of selling – come into the 21st Century where people expect transparency, can easily shop around, and want to feel that they made the right buying decision.


Still reading?

Well thank you for investing the time in this page.  We’d welcome you to spend a bit more time with us by looking at our page 16 reasons why A1WebStats will get you more business than Lead Forensics.