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White label costs


Before considering a white label

Not many agencies want to go straight into a white label account.

Until now, you may not have experienced how A1WebStats can help businesses gain much more success from their websites.

That’s why we offer an easy way for you to dip a toe in the water first via our first steps to white labelling A1WebStats page.

That page takes you through how to set up one or more trial accounts on behalf of your client(s) so that you can absorb what the A1WebStats system provides, including us providing you with assistance via screenshare/call.

THEN it’s time to consider paying for a white label account.


Simplified costs

Individual subscribers of A1WebStats would normally pay £59 per month (+ VAT if appropriate) to have up to 7,000 visitors per month tracked within their website.

Most businesses don’t have that much traffic.

Resellers also need more flexibility.

AND our internal costs are lower (because our resellers interact directly with their own clients, although do of course still have us here to support when required).

This is why we provide a set price.

That price is:

£200 per month (+ VAT if you pay UK VAT).

That’s roughly $280 (depending on exchange rate) per month.

For that price you get an overall data allowance of up to 15,000 visitors per month spread throughout all your client sub-accounts.

Whether you’ve got 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, or more clients … that data allowance can be spread between them all.

Do you anticipate higher data allowance requirements?  See more about higher data allowances.

There is no long-term commitment as you pay month by month and can cancel instantly any time.


Hang on – the maths doesn’t work out?

To avoid confusion, individual companies that sign up to A1WebStats directly with us pay £59 per month per 7,000 visitors.

If you had, or were only ever intending to have, two clients, who needed up to 7,000 visitors per month data allowance, then it would be cheaper to pay for 2 x £59 per month (than use the 15,000 visitors data allowance).

However, if you’re like most resellers, the £200 per month for 15,000 visitors works out much more beneficial because many of those visitors would have lower numbers of visitors.

Using an example …

You have 8 clients who get up to 15,000 visitors per month between them.  £200 per month is a lot cheaper than 8 x £59 (£472) per month.

Reselling A1WebStats is most beneficial when you have multiple clients that would be allocated the monthly data allowance, therefore significantly reducing the cost per client.

It’s also worth noting that the 15,000 data allowance is fluid.  If you want to stop one sub-account then just stop data collection for them, which frees up that data allowance for other clients.

You can also ‘throttle’ data allowances.  That sounds dramatic but it means you can limit data collected for each sub-client (e.g. 1,000 visitors allowance for one client and 500 visitors allowance for another), depending on your relationship with them.


Higher data allowances

You are not automatically charged a higher banding if you move out of your data allowance – our system will notify you when you get to 80% of your allowance within each 30 day period and there is no automatic increase in your monthly payment.

Beyond the first 15,000 visitor allowances, our charges are as follows, offering more data allowances for comparatively lower costs:

15,001 – 25,000 visitors: £300 per month (roughly $415 per month, depending on exchange rate)

25,001 – 35,000 visitors: £400 per month (roughly $555 per month, depending on exchange rate)

35,001 – 45,000 visitors: £450 per month (roughly $625 per month, depending on exchange rate)

Above 45,000 visitors per month: please contact us to discuss further discounts.


And remember …

We want you to get an easy return on the data allowances you pay for.

This means that your customers have to benefit.

Although you maintain the relationship with your clients (and they wouldn’t know who we are), we’re here to help YOU get the most benefits from your white labelled A1WebStats, including discussing your clients data/the system with you (so that you can help them).

If your clients are happy then they carry on using the service (via you).

If your clients are using the service then you carry on paying us.

So it’s in our interests to ensure that you and your clients are fully benefiting from the powerful functionality within your white labelled A1WebStats system.