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Advanced Filtering

A1WebStats records the movements of EVERY visitor to your website.

Advanced filtering lets you analyse anything you want to.

An example would be to have an automated report that shows you only visitors that match a pattern of:

  1. They were from identifiable companies …
  2. … but only from specific countries …
  3. … who got to a particular part of the website …
  4. … but didn’t get to an important page of the website …
  5. … and who weren’t tagged as competitor, supplier, or customer.

That’s just an example – you will have data patterns that are of particular interest to you.

The best way to use advanced filtering is to think like this:

“What product or service do I want to get more enquiries about / sales of?”

You start off with a view of all visits to that part of your website.

Then you filter out irrelevant visitors.

That leaves you with only relevant visitors data (to that part of your website) that will unveil opportunities to improve your website and marketing.

You can create advanced filters that you re-run whenever you want to, or you can have automated reports emailed to people daily or weekly.

Many of our customers create simple advanced filters that generate automatic reports to staff members daily or weekly.

You can also use advanced filtering to trigger instant email alerts every time a specific pattern is matched (for example, to receive an instant email showing the page by page website movements of the person who has just completed your website contact form).

Advanced filtering is what will take you beyond simply identifying visiting companies, and into finding ways to get more of those companies to contact you, instead of you having to chase them.

This video takes you through how to use advanced filtering:

If you’ve viewed the video and would like further assistance, all you need to do is to contact us so that we can book in a screenshare call with you.