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Website Success Mastermind UK

What is it?

In short:

Low-cost, group-based, solutions that will give you substantially more sales and enquiries from your website visitors.

Every mastermind session will leave you buzzing with insights that you’ll want to implement on your own website.


Bite-sized insights and solutions focused on:

    1. Where your website may be a leaky bucket that’s losing potential sales and enquiries.
    2. Where marketing effort is not achieving enough results from your website visitors.

Delivered in a confidential and mutually supportive online group environment of up to 10 people, the focus is on constructive group feedback that’s supported by the expertise of Andy Harris of A1WebStats.

Each session also includes a lesson of the month that benefits everyone when implemented on each website.

Each group is also sector-exclusive, so there will never be a competitor in the same group.

The expectation from each session is that everyone leaves with brilliant insights that will help gain higher enquiries and sales from website visitors and marketing.

More information about the structure of each mastermind session is further down this page.



Why does it matter?

Without exception, EVERY business website is losing potential sales and enquiries for these reasons:

  1. People are too close to their own websites and can’t see where they are failing.
  2. Low awareness of the numerous factors that lead to a website visitor engaging or leaving.
  3. Businesses are ‘doing OK’ and so it doesn’t seem important to dig deeper into what is and isn’t being gained from website visitors.
  4. There are rarely strong systems in place that link new enquiries/sales back to their sources.  This leads to an overall perception that things are working, but the reality is that some parts (typically: the website) are not contributing enough.
  5. Too much focus on marketing and not enough on what’s being achieved from those website visitors.


When is it?

Every month on a date and time that’s committed to your calendar weeks in advance.


Where is it?

Online via Zoom for one hour.


This IS for you if …

  • Your business is anything from micro-sized to SME.
  • You want to know why you’re not getting more sales and enquiries from website visitors … and what will solve the problems.
  • You want your website to be better than others within your business sector.
  • You are happy to give and receive constructive feedback about websites, and will act on those insights.
  • You commit to attending most months.
  • You are looking for the most productive and useful hour that you’ll experience in a month.
  • You enjoy getting lightbulb moments.


This is NOT for you if …

  • You work in a large business.
  • You think that you know everything about your website and potential customers.  Your mind will be too closed for you to benefit.
  • You think that you’re already getting enough business from your website.
  • You would prefer to follow up on companies that visited your website, than fix the problems that stops companies from making contact with you.



What happens in each mastermind session?


30 seconds introduction from each person, covering:

  • Your name
  • Your job role
  • Your company
  • Your business sector

These introductions provide a brief snapshot of who else is in the session.


Lesson of the month

10 minute presentation into an aspect of website success strategy.

Each presentation covers a subject that will apply to everyone within the group, regardless of their business sector.

The lesson is presented by Andy Harris and is recorded for any members who wish to refer back to it afterwards.


Questions about the lesson

5-10 minutes general questions and discussion about the points in the lesson.


Hot seats

Before each monthly session, you will have the option to supply a hot seat question about any aspect of your website.

Each hot seat session will last for up to 10 minutes and there will be space for 3-4 within each mastermind session.

The hot seat sessions are NOT recorded.  This is to preserve confidentiality of members.

Hot seat questions would normally relate to lack of enquiries about a specific product or service, but can cover anything else related to gaining more results from website visitors, including return on investment from marketing that generates visitors to the website.

If there are too many hot seat questions to fit into the one hour of each mastermind, they will be selected randomly and any unanswered hot seat questions will be carried across to the next session as priorities to focus on.

After the member has explained their hot seat challenge, which will usually involve sharing their screen to show that part of their website, the group can provide constructive input that will help solve the problems.

Andy Harris will also contribute additional thinking if there are any points not covered by group members.

If there are any ‘quick wins’ in the unanswered hot seat questions, Andy will often provide those wins separately so that something can be actioned within the next month.

The outcome from each hot seat will be information that is:

  1. Useful for the person in the hot seat to take back and implement positive actions that will make a difference to enquiry levels from their website visitors.
  2. Useful for the rest of the group who have learnt from the challenge and answers to the hot seat, and can apply those to their own websites.


What do you gain from each session?

  1. Advice about your own website challenges and an action plan to focus on implementing positive change in the weeks ahead.
  2. Insights into challenges within other business sectors, that may still relate to your own website.
  3. New knowledge from the lesson of the month.
  4. The opportunity to contribute your thoughts that benefit other people in the group.


What if you miss a session?

The sessions are diarised weeks in advance but if you have something that stops you attending a session then that’s not a problem.

You will receive the lesson of the month video but won’t have access to the hot seats insights, as those won’t be recorded.

Wherever possible it’s recommended to attend because it avoids missing out on insights that could have been beneficial to you.



The subject of website visitor traffic numbers, marketing activities, and more related to websites, is understandably of a sensitive nature.

Each group has only one person from each business sector.

This enables group members to talk freely without concern that a competitor is gaining insights into their website or marketing.

Chatham House rules also apply.  What’s discussed within the group stays within the group.  Only the lesson of the month is recorded for later reference.

If someone in the hot seat really did want their hot seat to be recorded for later reference, then that can be requested and has to be agreed to by the rest of the group.


What makes you good enough to make this work?

Photo of Andy Harris A1WebStats

6,000+ business websites.

There are some people who say they’re good at several things, including SEO, PPC, website development and more.

While we can all have some knowledge in several subjects, none of us can be expert at more than one.

My expertise is in website success strategy.

Over the past 19 years I have personally analysed and worked on 6,000+ business websites within a huge variety of sectors.

By combining clever website visitors analytics data with my experience, I’m in the position where I can look at any website page and instantly say:

“That’s going to lose you potential business, and THIS is what you need to do to fix it”.

For those who say “prove it” I then use website visitors analytics data to prove that there’s a problem.

That’s my super power.

Putting up shelves, doing the garden, running a marathon?

Forget it – I’m absolutely useless at most other things!

Identifying what’s not working on websites (and what to do about it)?

I’m your man!


Try it for free

For those of you who didn’t skip everything above to find the pricing, here’s the good news …

Your first month of the Website Success Mastermind is totally free.

If you come out of that session buzzing with enthusiasm then you may want to join as a member.

If you don’t come out buzzing, I’d be extremely surprised.

Membership from month two onwards is £40 (+ VAT) per month, set up as a monthly payment (card or bank), and can be instantly cancelled at any time.


No long-term commitment

While it’s good to have a group that gets to know each other over time, no-one is locked into the Website Success Mastermind service.

That’s why you can cancel instantly at any time.

For example, you may find that you’ve learnt all you can within a few months and no longer need to continue.

Or you may have other commitments that clash.

What matters is that you gain value from all the time you spend within the mastermind group.


Getting started

All you need to do is complete the form below to express your interest to join the Website Success Mastermind.

Our Mastermind sessions run in two time zones at approximately 11am local time within each time zone:

  • UK/Europe
  • USA/Canada

We already have our first groups running and so you are invited to join the waiting list for the next group of 10 members.

Each group will launch when there are 10 members within non-competing business sectors.

If there are more than one from each business sector that wishes to join, they will be added to another list to form a new group.

The first session is free and there is no commitment to continue afterwards.

When each group is finalised, there will be at least three weeks’ notice of each mastermind date and time.

To express your interest in the free session initially, please enter your details below so that we can build the next group of non-competing businesses.

Your details are used purely for interest in the mastermind and are not added to any marketing lists.



Any questions?

If you have any questions at all about the Website Success Mastermind, please do email us at