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Google Images SEO

How do people typically search for what your business offers and is there an opportunity waiting for you just by focusing more on visibility within Google images search results?

Taking an example, let’s say you’re searching for office plants.   Which of these paths would you take?

Path 1 – Google results search

Click through on various websites that appear under your search phrase, until you find plants that appeal to you.

Path 2 – Google images search

Scan through the images that appear until you find something that appeals to you, then click through to that website.

For something that’s quite a visual type of search, Path 2 is going to provide the quickest route to what you’re looking for, particularly if you’re looking for something quite specific (e.g. tall office plants).


Identifying Google Images visitors

Within the A1WebStats system you can select a date range and then click on ‘Referrers’, where you will hopefully find Google Images as being a referrer of traffic to your website.  If you don’t, then expand the date range until you do.  Then ask yourself the question:

“If I only had X clicks through from Google Images in all that time, then am I missing out on an opportunity to gain more traffic?”


Gaining Google Images visibility

The purpose of this blog is purely to raise awareness of what you could be doing, not to go into the various strategies of how to gain strong visibility in Google Images.  However, here are some steps to get you started …

  1. List search phrases that, when typed into Google Images, would ideally bring up images that link through to your website – as high in the results as possible.
  2. Enter those search phrases into a Google Images search and click through to those sites that appear where your website should ideally be.
  3. Dig deeper into the strategies those websites have used to ensure their images gain visibility (and no, it’s not just about naming an image in a certain way!).
  4. Implement changes within your website pages and images.
  5. Review your A1WebStats data ongoing to keep an eye on when you get new visitors via Google Images searches.  Quick tip: you can create an automated report within A1WebStats that emails you when people have entered your website via a Google Images search. Ask us if you want to know how.


Think that Google Images doesn’t apply to you?

You could be surprised.  We’ve seen many A1WebStats triallers who weren’t originally aware that Google Images could be part of their SEO strategy and were then pleasantly surprised when they invested some time into it.