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White Label Setup

Before you go into finding out about setup

If you would like to resell/white label A1WebStats you should have seen our pages how it helps your clients, how it helps you, costs, and new business generation.

If you still have any questions about reselling/white labelling A1WebStats, then please do feel free to contact us before applying.


If you have used A1WebStats before and want to resell/white label

If you would like to resell/white label A1WebStats, and have seen our costs page, then you will need to fill in the form below.

After completing that form, we will need to authenticate you (by return phone call/email communication) because the preferential rates are only available to those who have multiple clients/potential multiple clients, who you have a direct relationship with, and so those preferential rates are a privilege of being a genuine reseller.

We will respond to your application within two working days.

Having confirmed that you can become a reseller/white labeller, we will take you through the process of setting up your white labelled account with you, which will depend on whether you wish to host it yourself or it’s fully hosted by A1WebStats.  Most of our white labellers choose us to host it.

Here’s the form …

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If you haven’t used A1WebStats before and want to dip a toe in the water before committing further.

You may not have used A1WebStats before.  If you have, you may not have seen the new 2018 version.

The starting point is to try it out, but not necessarily as a reseller/white labeller (although you may be thinking that’s the way it may go in the future).

You could try it out either on your own website, or (ideally) on a website that you know will get good levels (400+ visitors) of traffic within the 30 day free trial.  One of your clients for example.

During that trial we welcome a conversation with you about the data collected and how you can use the A1WebStats system to achieve more success from the website being trialled.  If you’ve installed it on a client website then you’ll also have some useful information that you could optionally choose to share with your client, including details of identifiable companies that have been to their website.

Please see our first steps to white labelling A1WebStats page for the step by step guide to get your started.




The process of setting up your white labelled account

The setup of your white labelled account will be either fully hosted by A1WebStats, or hosted by yourselves.

Recognising the different requirements of our white labellers, we offer two options depending on how much you want to customise the software.  Please note that if any of the below needs more clarification, we are here to help you throughout the whole process.



Option 1 – fully hosted by A1WebStats

We install a version of the software for you, all we need for this is:

  • A domain (which could be a subdomain) which you would like the software to be accessible from. For example, This domain needs to point to our server (IP address provided upon successful application).
  • A company name
  • A company logo
  • Phone and email details who your users would contact in case of questions (these appear within your white labelled solution).

Please note, no further customisation of the interface is currently available when choosing this option.  If wishing to customise the solution further, then Option 2 would be worth considering.


Option 2 – hosted by yourselves

You can download a version of the software and host this yourself.  By opting for this method, you have full control over the html, css and javascript.

When choosing this option, you must have a good knowledge of:

  • Javascript (ES6)
  • ReactJS
  • Flux
  • CSS (using Sass, but vanilla CSS can be used if preferrable)
  • Basic HTML

The application itself is built upon Laravel 5 and our system requirements match theirs:

All business logic is performed via our remote API, accessible by HTTPS.



Upon successful application, we provide extensive documentation showing you how to use the agency portal or how to install the software (should you choose this option).  If that does not answer your questions, our development team are always happy to help!

Managing your Users

We provide you with access to an agency portal, whereby you can perform the following tasks:

  • CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) functionality to manage your users, including the ability to easily send users their tracking code
  • Automated Report management, can be set up to be sent to yourselves direct or direct to your clients
  • RESTful API service which can be used entirely independently from our portal, should you prefer
  • Quick and easy login as your users
  • Billing forecasting
  • Traffic quantity alerts, when you’re reaching your tariff limit

In addition, your users will be able to get all the benefits of our system, including:

  • Prospecting / tagging
  • Identifying businesses
  • Finding popular traffic trends
  • Campaign management
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Automated Report Generation
  • CRM Integration

In short, both you and your users will have access to powerful analytics that lead to website and online visibility strengthening, which ultimately leads to more business for your clients.

Our developers are always looking to enhance our product and we enjoy working with our partners, so please do contact us if there is additional functionality that we could consider adding into our development roadmap.


Creating, Editing, and Deleting your Users

This video shows you how to create, edit, and delete your users within your agency portal …


Managing Settings

You can choose whether or not your Users receive daily emails from the system and whether you wish to be copied in on those emails.  You can also customise the default email that gets sent to your Users when sending them their tracking code.  This short video shows how to manage those settings …

Creating Automated Reports

Be default your Users do not receive automated reports (of organisations that visited their website) from your white labelled system.  This is because some agencies prefer to manage the relationship/what their clients receive from the system, and so it’s switched off at the start (although you, the agency would still receive the daily automated reports unless you choose to switch that off).

When switched on, as this video shows, you can choose whether those automated reports are sent daily, weekly, or monthly …


Retrieving Client Data via an API call

Although you can log directly into your Users accounts, you can also retrieve client data via an API call.  This allows you to extract data (typically into a .CSV file) for a date range of your choice.  This video shows you how to retrieve that client data via the interface …

How to host your own version of the software

Although most of our resellers opt for the fully hosted option, you do have a lot more flexibility in what you can do with the data/system if you want to host directly yourself.  This video takes you through the process of setting that up …