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Using Geolocation plus mobile device together to get more accurate results

The geolocation feature of A1WebStats allows you to track the geolocation (by postcode/zip code and address area) of website visitors that allow themselves to be located.

Between 10-28% of website visitors will allow that geolocation tracking.

But geolocation isn’t perfect – particularly when the person is accessing a website from a desktop device (although there are some cases where it is pinpoint accurate from a desktop device).

By combining geolocation with mobile devices only, the results are much stronger and we can guarantee that the website visitor was at that precise geographical location (postcode/zip code) at the time they went to your website.

Sometimes that information is useless – for example, someone who is clearly at home or in the pub when they visited your website.

However, there are some amazing nuggets of information amongst those that are geolocated AND using a mobile device, often identifying people at business locations that can’t be tracked by an IP address alone.

This video explains who to use A1WebStats to geolocate your website visitors using mobile devices only: