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The truth about companies identification

One of our competitors (Lead Forensics) best-summarises what is bad about our industry.   They do this repeatedly within their advertising materials, claiming:

Lead Forensics 98 percent

How would you interpret that message?

To us, the misleading part is as highlighted in bold below:

98% of website visitors don’t enquire … We tell you who they are.

The implication is that you could identify 98% of your website visitors.

That’s blatant false advertising and is extremely easy to disprove.

A more accurate estimate would be that you can identify typically between 10% and 30% of your website visitors as being from companies.

Most identification of companies visiting a website comes from this process:

  1. An IP address is tracked as visiting the website.
  2. That visitor may leave electronic clues about their business identity that can be further investigated.
  3. Businesses such as A1WebStats do the investigation and present the raw data in a meaningful way (i.e. details about the visiting company).

You can find out a little bit more about the specifics of how companies identification works by visiting our how it works page.

You can also prove for yourself that it’s a total myth that you can identify the majority of B2B website visitors.  All you have to do is follow our simple test.

If you’ve read this far, including the links from this page, then you’ll be aware that ‘companies identification’ is not as wonderful as some in our industry would pretend it to be.

But it does still have value, depending on what you do with the knowledge that companies have visited your website.

Your starting point, having signed up for your A1WebStats trial, is to use basic reporting on visiting companies.