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Stop chasing companies. Start gaining enquiries

What’s most important:

Identifying companies visiting your website, or;

Companies finding enough reasons to contact you.



A1WebStats (and other systems) can show you which identifiable companies have been to your website and what they looked at page by page.

If you’re fortunate, you find ways to connect with the right person within that company, and it turns into business for you.

However, they’ll be the minority cases amongst all those people (identifiable as companies or not) who got to your product or service pages.

Many people would say that identification of visiting companies is the most important part of using A1WebStats (or it’s the sole application of many other systems).

We’d argue: they’re mad!

In the video on this page we’re going to demonstrate why the bigger picture of website visitors patterns is more important than the identification of companies that visit.

To put that another way:

Focus more on strengthening your website so that more companies make contact with you, instead of you having to chase them.

This is something you can do easily, as demonstrated in the video further down, which follows these steps:

  1. Pick a product or service that you offer, or a part of your website where potential customers would go, that has a page or section dedicated to it on your website.
  2. Use the A1WebStats system to identify the number of visitors to that part of your website.
  3. Refine the data to include only visitors from countries that you supply to.
  4. Pull out the identifiable companies so that you can follow up on them.
  5. Count the number of all the other visitors to that part of your website.
  6. See how big that number is compared to the identifiable companies.
  7. Say to yourself: “Although none of those visitors are easily identifiable, to have got to that part of our website, many of them must have been potential buyers”.
  8. Then say it again.
  9. Use the A1WebStats system to look at the individual paths of all those who got to that part of your website.
  10. One by one, put yourself in their shoes. Look at the country they came from. Look at what brought them to your website.  Look at how they got to that important part of your website and where they went afterwards.  Absorb all those visitor journeys.
  11. As part of that process it’s likely that you will realise that something needs to be strengthened in that part of your website. An easy way to determine what that is, would be to go to competitors websites, analyse their similar pages, and pick out elements that look good, but that you don’t have on, or supporting, that part of your own website.
  12. Then fix the problems, either internally or through the skills of your web developers.
  13. Forget that 13 is an unlucky number and wait for the levels of enquiries to increase.


In the video below, you’ll see how the process above arrived at the following conclusions:

  • 184 visitors got to the Cosmetics sector of the website.
  • 177 were left after excluding the USA (a market they don’t target).
  • 12 were identifiable as companies (6.8% of the non-USA visitors).  Although smaller than the typical (10-35%) of company visitors our subscribers typically see, they can be followed up on.
  • 165 were unidentifiable but they got to that Cosmetics sector part of the website, and so were still potentially ‘business’ people.
  • Of those 165, many may have been looking for examples of applications related to their search phrase of interest, but couldn’t find them.
  • After exporting the 165 to Excel, 95 of them were from outside the UK and so may have been looking for evidence of machines being supplied to others in their part of the world.

The overall conclusion from the example is that the website would benefit from more signposting towards case studies related to specific liquids to fill, plus a more international focus to help convert more of the overseas visitors to enquiries.

Now, onto the video so that you can see how to use A1WebStats to focus on what we’d say is more important than too much focus on the identifiable companies:


If you’d like some assistance getting insights into the missed opportunities within your website visitors data, then all you need is:

  1. An A1Webstats account (trial or paid).
  2. A product or service that you’d like more enquiries about.
  3. A call booked in so that we can run through your data with you.

It’s free and confidential advice so what are you waiting for?