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How to get instant email alerts when companies of interest visit your website

The track feature within A1WebStats lets you set up email alerts that trigger as soon as a company of interest revisits your website in the future.

Those email alerts can be sent to anyone in your business, and there’s no limit on how many users you can have within your A1WebStats account.

This video explains how to easily set up those email alerts:

Here also is the quick guide on how to set that up …

See a company of interest.

Image of a company of interest in A1WebStats

Click on the track option, then select who will receive the email alerts, and then click on Confirm.

Image showing how to track a company of interest in A1WebStats

That person will receive an email telling them that they are tracking that company.

Image showing email confirming tracking is set up in A1WebStats

When that company returns to your website in the future, that person will receive an instant email.

Example image of an email showing a company returning to a website

By clicking on the ‘View Visit’ link in the email, they will be taken to log into A1WebStats and once logged in, will see that visit, and also all the previous visits from that company of interest.