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Geolocating website visitors via Google Maps

The geolocation feature within A1WebStats allows you to identify the exact location of some of your website visitors.

This depends on whether that permission is granted via the pop-up box that appears when people visit your website.

Our customers see a range of 10-28% of their website visitors able to be geolocated.

This is useful because there are many companies that can’t be identified by their IP address, but could be identified via their geolocation.

Here’s an example of a website visitor that, without geolocation would only be identifiable as their telco provider (Orange broadband):

With geolocation they are identifiable by their physical location (as shown circled in red above).

Searching Google for that geolocation provides a page of results (including directories that can help look up businesses in the area).

What we’re most interested in here though are the google maps result for that geolocation.   When we click on that google map result it shows us this:

That’s a business that offers glamping, which is a perfect match for the website owner (who sells upmarket tents for campsites).

Without that geolocation (provided by the A1WebStats system) they would have only seen a visitor who looked at several pages on their website.

With geolocation, and looking it up via google maps, they can see the business that visited their website.

This video takes you through the process of using geolocated data to then identify business leads that you can follow up with: