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Email alerts when customers visit your website

You may have people in your business who want to know when your current customers are visiting your website.

Normally this would be in the form of a daily or weekly email, although you could also get instant alerts if you wanted to.

The A1WebStats system will show you when those customers visit, as you can see in the example below:

Image showing identifiable company visiting a website

This video shows you how to ‘tag’ visitors as customers and then create an automated daily or weekly email showing you anyone tagged as a customer (who came to your website in the previous day or week).

From that daily or weekly email you can use the attached spreadsheet to see what they looked at page by page or log into your A1WebStats account to view that information.

Why would you want a daily or weekly email showing you when customers visit your website?

Because they are on your website for a reason.  By seeing the pages they viewed and putting yourself in the shoes of the customer, you may find there’s an opportunity to reach out to them to ensure that they have everything they need from your business.