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Editing company names

Not all visitors from companies are identifiable by their IP address.

In fact, a LOT aren’t.

It could be that an incoming phone call leads to a conversation about your website (that the person is viewing at the time of the call).

Or you may be making an outbound call that leads to the call recipient being encouraged to go to your website.

In either scenario, you can see their movements while you’re talking to them – directly within A1WebStats. However, their IP address isn’t linked to their company name in our database. But you know it’s them and you want to easily see their company name if they come back to your website in the future.

You probably want to edit the company name shown as part of their visit. If you want to, you can change the website address and url as well. If you do that, when they return to your website in the future (from that same IP address), they’ll be clearly visible.

This video shows you how to edit the company name and details …


And if you’re wondering why the company wasn’t identifiable initially, please refer to our how it works page.