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Is companies identification right for your culture?

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

You can see the names of companies that go to your website, what brought them to your website, and what they looked at page by page.

But what are you going to actually do with that information?

You don’t know WHO it was from that company that went to your website, and although some systems similar to A1WebStats claim to be able to identify people from that company, that’s all they do – identify details of people, who you could just as easily find via LinkedIn.

Also, just because someone has been identified as working within that company, doesn’t mean that they were the person who went to your website.

At a basic level, A1WebStats, and other systems give you a view of companies that visit your website.

The hard work is then over to you.

We hear horror stories where companies buy into other systems, find themselves locked in for a year contract, and then realise that either the data isn’t useful enough, or their company culture doesn’t match what’s being offered.

In theory, it’s simple:

  1. Identify companies that have been to your website.
  2. Allocate those as ‘leads’ to your sales people.
  3. They do whatever is needed to try and get hold of someone within that company.
  4. Business is gained, the till goes ‘Kerching’ and everyone is happy.

The stalling point is often at number 3 above.

That’s why we offer a 30 day trial.

30 days is enough for you to explore whether information about visiting companies can be capitalised on through reaching out to those companies.

It typically boils down to the mindset, skill, and expertise of the sales person reaching out to that visiting company, and that varies hugely between organisations.

We have had conversations with businesses that follow processes similar to those that we describe on our how to contact companies that visited your website page, and they get huge benefits from the data and their follow up processes.

We have also had conversations with the polar opposite, which are businesses where the sales department are adamant that there is no value in trying to reach out to companies that have been to their website.  They would rather cold call a list than try to rescue something from what was a company that decided not to make contact with them.  And yes, such cultures do exist and they’re frighteningly damaging to the potential success of the businesses.

And there are a range of other viewpoints inbetween those two.

What matters is you.

If you used the A1WebStats system for the free 30 day trial, chose purely to look at the visiting companies data, and then tried to reach out to those companies, you would get a feeling for whether such technology is a good or bad match for your individual business and the culture within it.