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What’s most important:

Identifying companies visiting your website, or;

Companies finding enough reasons to contact you after visiting your website.



A1WebStats (and other systems) can show you which identifiable companies have been to your website and what they looked at page by page.

If you’re fortunate, you find ways to connect with the right person within that company, and it turns into business for you.

However, such successes will be the minority cases amongst all those people (identifiable as companies or not) who got to your product or service pages, and who you would be able to successfully connect with.

Many people would say that identification of visiting companies is the most important part of using A1WebStats (or it’s the sole application of many other systems).

We’d argue: they’re mad!

Gaining more sales of products or services is purely a case of:

  1. Ensuring that your website pages give people enough reasons to make contact
  2. Refining any marketing that is bringing the wrong types of people to your website

To put that another way:

Focus more on strengthening your website & marketing so that more companies make contact with you, instead of you having to chase them.


These are the links that take you through the steps you need to implement.   Please don’t skip steps – it’s important that you follow the order …

Identify a product or service

Do the weeding

Analyse what’s left

Identify and fix weaknesses

There is also another page, which supports the four above – it’s the page about advanced filtering, which you may need to refer back to when creating the filters that will lead to higher levels of enquiries and sales being gained.