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Enquiries from emails

When an email enquiry comes in, the person that deals with that email would ideally be the person who adds the information into your enquiries log and so would ideally be the person that then investigates (via the A1WebStats system) what led to that enquiry being gained.

Although not as easy as identifying the source of visitors that completed enquiry forms (because someone may have been to the website at a different time, got the email address, and made contact without going back to the website), it’s worth trying to link them back wherever possible.

You will never be able to link all enquiries via email back to their sources, but those that you can link back to visitors data will give you some useful insights such as:

  1. If this was their first visit to your website, what brought them in (e.g. Google Ads, blog visibility via social media)?
  2. How did they move through your website after landing (i.e. which pages contributed positively towards them deciding to make contact with you)?  Their page movements may influence how you respond to their email (for example, they may have looked at particular pages that unveil certain areas of interest).
  3. Had they been to the website on one or more previous visits (people often take time to make a decision about who to make contact with, typically comparing potential suppliers), and what factors about those previous visits made a contribution towards the enquiry being made?  For example, it’s not uncommon to discover that someone who sent an email on one day, and who initially appeared to just land on the home page on that day, had actually been to the website previously, from another source (for example, a Google Ads click), so you would need to consider the full picture of what led to their enquiry.