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The Texan Story

If you’re reading this page then you’ve been contacted by our company founder, Andy Harris, who wants to help Texas businesses gain more business from their websites.

But you’re probably mystified why he chose to contact YOU (out of the millions of others in the USA).

Here’s why …

A1WebStats is a business in the UK/England/Great Britain/whatever people choose to name our small country (out of all the confusing options available).

Our business is a combination of clever (but very cost-effective) software and website success experts, which enable companies worldwide to gain more business from their websites.

All of our thousands of customers worldwide have historically been generated from very limited marketing and word of mouth recommendation.

But we’ve never actively marketed ourselves in a big way.

We’re not a big business (12 people) but we punch above our weight.

When Andy formed this business his key objective was simple:

Help businesses to succeed through clever analytics software that uncovers opportunities within their websites.

He had a secondary objective:

Make it initially free and then very affordable afterwards.  And don’t lock anyone into contracts.

Based on thousands of calls we’ve had with businesses over the years, Andy decided that businesses in the USA needed help the most, and so he chose to actively raise awareness of how A1WebStats can make a positive difference.

But he had a problem …

He didn’t know where to start in the USA.

The solution was something totally random and it came from a camping trip in September 2018 …


The Texan Story

Andy took his 15 year old son, Kye, on a short camping trip, back to the small English village (Horsmonden) that Andy grew up in decades ago.  A place that was full of apple orchards, hop fields, and from a time when people spent time on each other.

It was a dad-son bonding experience that enabled Kye to absorb the history of where his Dad grew up.   All the places he went to as a kid.  All the stories.  The whole lot.

During that trip, Andy was trying to decide where to start with promoting A1WebStats in the USA … and the trip provided the answer:


In the village that he grew up in, Andy didn’t have a privileged upbringing.  Money was tight and times were different then as a 9 year old boy in 1976 England.

One day Andy was lucky enough to be able to buy his first own chocolate bar and back then, the choice was very limited in the village shop.

As he explained to Kye …

The chocolate bars seemed to be huge in variety but there were actually only about eight brands to choose from and having never bought chocolate before, I didn’t know what to choose.

So I chose the Texan bar as it had the best looking wrapper.

Texan chocolate bar

It was a nougat/toffee bar covered with chocolate and for a kid that didn’t have much access to chocolate, it was like eating heaven.

Andy tried other chocolate bars over the years but Texan remained his favourite.

Back in those days, the ways people could advertise were quite different to nowadays and the advertising video from the 1970’s may raise a few chuckles/eyebrows for Texans nowadays.

Recollecting with Kye about the Texan chocolate bar triggered this thought in Andy’s head:

As a child I chose Texan.  A1WebStats will choose Texans as our choice to focus on the USA.  And we’d like Texans to choose us.


Perhaps … but maybe understandable when faced with the challenge of all types of businesses being able to benefit from A1WebStats and needing to decide which part of the USA to start with.  Something had to narrow in from the millions of businesses in numerous locations to something as a starting point.

But the random nature of that choice is really good news for you and your business.

IF, of course, you have any interest in gaining more business from visitors to your website.

Currently, we are only actively offering A1WebStats to businesses in Texas.

This means that businesses in Texas can benefit from A1WebStats for several months before we ever decide to move onto other states.

That provides competitive advantage for your business – especially if you are in competition with businesses from outside Texas (who will have no idea that our sort of technology exists and so are at a competitive disadvantage).

Enough of the Texan story – and it is a true story … and onto how A1WebStats can help you and your business gain substantially more business from your website …


A1WebStats in brief

You, your employees, and your external service providers are unknowingly losing far too much business via your website.  We can guarantee and prove that.

Whatever methods people use to find your website, and view the products and services you provide, we can show (for free) just how much potential business you are losing.

That may sound like a bold claim but it’s based on our huge levels of experience in website success.

Before you think it, we are NOT offering these types of services:

  • Website development
  • SEO
  • Paid advertising management
  • Email marketing services

Instead, we’re offering insights into which aspects of the above are not working hard enough for your business, which then enables you to make business-benefiting decisions.

Those insights are provided within clever software and expert advice – without a sales pitch.

Best of all: you get that totally free for 30 days.

Yes, you may have to get used to our English accents and funny ways of spelling words, but the upside will be more business gained from your website – at no cost to you.

You’ve read a lot on this page, so it’s time to give you the option to look at three areas that could/should be of interest to you, when thinking about your business website.

Just click on the links below.  All three of these benefits are included within the free 30 day trial of A1WebStats …


Identifying companies that go to your website


  • Company names
  • What they looked at page by page
  • What brought them to your website.

This allows you to follow up with those companies who visited but didn’t make contact with you.

Click here to find out more


More sales and enquiries from your website visitors

Looking for more sales and enquiries from your website visitors?

A1WebStats helps to identify reasons why you don’t get more sales or enquiries about your products or services.

Pick a product or service and A1WebStats will highlight where the opportunities are (to gain higher levels of sales and enquiries).

Click here to find out more


Stronger return on investment from marketing

Whatever methods you use to drive visitors to your website, A1WebStats can provide granular insights into what happens to those visitors after they land.

Whether that be:

  • Paid advertising
  • Organic search engine visibility
  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • .. or any other form of online marketing

Analysing those types of visitors leads to positive change that gains you a stronger return on investment from your marketing.

Click here to find out more



Please be assured that although we initially reached out to you via LinkedIn, you won’t get further invites to try A1WebStats.  We have thousands of businesses that we are contacting and we don’t want to be seen as spamming any of them.

So, if this is of ‘future interest’ to you, please keep a note of this page url so that you can return to it later.

But don’t leave it too long – every business that uses A1WebStats gains competitive advantages.   We would like you, in Texas, our first choice location within the USA, to be leading the field.