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Stronger return on investment from marketing

Google Ads, email marketing, SEO, paid advertising, social media, more …

There are many ways to drive potential customers to your website.

A1WebStats helps you to clearly see what return on investment you’re getting from your online visibility.





Clicks through

To your website

… can be tracked by the A1WebStats system.

A free 30 day A1WebStats trial provides you with all that information in an easily accessible format.  Forget the complexities and weaknesses of Google Analytics – A1WebStats makes it easy.

Want to know exactly what happens to clicks from Google Ads?  That’s easy.

Want to get insights into how many people are landing on certain pages from organic search listings and what happens after they land?  That’s easy.

Whatever drives people to your website, it can be easily analysed in depth with the A1WebStats system.

Whether you manage your website traffic generation marketing internally or outsource it, the people you entrust to help you get results from your website will simply be unaware of some of the missed opportunities.

It’s not intentional.

It’s purely that they won’t know that there are ways to dig a lot deeper into what’s gained from marketing expenditure.

Our system is quite unique in the market and there are many people who will not know such things are possible.

This short video summarises how A1WebStats helps you get a better return from your marketing investment …



What happens within a free 30 day A1WebStats trial

We offer this to you, totally for free …

  1. You or one of your people sign up for the 30 day free trial.
  2. You get the tracking code installed on your website (it’s an easy 2 minute job).
  3. Data about your website visitors will collect, including individual visitor paths that came from each form of marketing. You also get information about identifiable companies that visited your website.
  4. You can access that data easily at any time.
  5. We wait until a reasonable level of data (typically around 300 visitors) has provided enough data to be statistically useful.
  6. We offer you a call/screenshare during your 30 day free trial. That’s totally focused on the forms of marketing that you would like to analyse in more depth to assess what return you are getting.
  7. You benefit from our interpretation of what your website visitors data actually means, and what opportunities are identified to make your marketing and website stronger.



What doesn’t happen within a free 30 day A1WebStats trial

A sales pitch.

The trial is there purely so that we can help you gain insights into your website visitors patterns, via our software plus our expertise.

It is 100% impossible not to gain useful information from the 30 day trial.  Our system and our experts are giving you free information that will help you to gain a stronger return from your marketing investment and therefore gain you more business from visitors who go to your website.

So we don’t need to ‘sell’.  You will decide the value from the 30 day free trial and will decide whether or not you want to continue afterwards.


Beyond the 30 day trial

Thinking deeper (helped by us/our software) about your marketing return on investment  will lead to you gaining more business from your website.

After the 30 day trial you have the option to continue subscribing to A1WebStats.   If you do, the cost is £59 (roughly $78) per month and there is no contract (you can cancel at any time).

If you don’t choose to continue after your free trial, we will thank you for taking the trial.


Further reading

Although there’s no substitute for a free trial focused on your business specifically,  you may be interested in looking at specific examples of how A1WebStats is used to measure return on investment from specific types of marketing activity.

You can access that information via our page ROI from Marketing Activity.


Next steps

If you are ready to start your free 30 day trial, fill in your details on our sign up page.

If you want to know more about how the A1WebStats system shows you identifiable companies that come to your website, then this page will help.

If you want to know more about how the A1WebStats system helps you to gain more sales from your website visitors, this page will help you.

If you have any other questions at all, please do contact us.