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You’re spending time, money, or both on getting traffic to your website.

You expect a return on investment.

The A1WebStats system helps you dig deeper into what happens to each individual visitor after they land on your website.

Just click on the links below to get to the pages that will be of most interest to you …

Not all blogs are created to generate business.  But you still need a return on that investment.

Directories Advertising
Applegate, Find the Needle, Business Magnet, Yell, and many others will help you spend your budget.  Here’s how to see what you gain from that cost.

Email Marketing
Go beyond knowing who has opened your emails and clicked on links.  Go deeper and see what they looked on your website – page by page.

Particularly if paying for Facebook advertising, here’s how to see what happens to those visitors after they click through to your website.

Google Adwords
Want to be significantly depressed at the Adwords clicks that result in nothing?  Or just generally see how to see where those clicks went to – page by page?  We have the information you need.

If you pay for LinkedIn advertising, then you’ll want to see how well those clicks then engage with your website after landing.

Outbound Sales Calls
Want to go beyond pure traditional outbound sales calls?  We show you how getting sales call recipients to click through to your website can bring you extra value.