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A1WebStats is white labelled by resellers/agencies worldwide.

In under a minute this video explains why you would want to white label A1WebStats.

This video takes you on a quick tour of many functions available within A1WebStats.

Getting Started With White-Labelled A1WebStats

How It Helps Your Clients

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How It Helps You

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New Business Generation

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FAQs about reseller accounts

Q: How do I track where I am within my data allowance each month?

A: Your reseller dashboard will show your current month usage updated after the end of each day.

Q: What happens if data levels go over my allocated allowance in a month?

A: We monitor data allowances and will notify you if your allowance is likely to be exceeded.  We do not automatically cut off data collection but have dialogue with you about either cutting down your data usage or moving to the next pricing tier.

Q: What if I’m using the data allowance pricing and a subscriber no longer wants to pay?

A: You can stop and start data collection for that subscriber from within your reseller interface.  You would still be paying us as part of your overall allowance and can then use that ex-subscriber data allowance for other subscribers.

Q: How much should I charge my client for the service they’re getting?

A: This is entirely your choice.  You pay us our rate and can charge your clients however you would like.  Some resellers absorb the costs into other services, some charge about the same rate we charge, and some uplift the pricing.  We wouldn’t though recommend significantly increasing the pricing as a savvy customer could potentially work out that it’s A1WebStats under the hood and would question why you charged them a higher fee than we would charge – especially if you didn’t add any extra value to the core system.


Want to discuss having a white label of A1WebStats?

Just contact us to arrange a suitable time to discuss how you would plan to use the white label.