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New business generation

An easier worm on the hook

Whether you are a web-related agency or other type of business, gaining new customers is not usually a simple case of contacting prospects and offering them your core service offering.  Life just isn’t that easy.

Many of our resellers/white labellers are using the A1WebStats system to get a foot in the door with prospective clients.

This is how it typically works:

  1. You, the reseller, have a white label account set up, with a monthly data allowance provided.
  2. You use a variety of methods (online and offline) to contact businesses within your target area (normally geographically-focused but can be national/international).
  3. The key message is that those businesses can get free information about companies that visit their website, including what they looked at page by page.
  4. Those businesses that show interest are provided data from the data allowance.  Some of them will be interested enough to continue.
  5. Of those who show more interest, you will ideally have provided them with some more useful insights about their website visitors – not just about visiting companies. Such insights could include data that shows that certain parts of their online proposition would benefit from being strengthened.
  6. You, the reseller, decide how you will price ongoing access to that data. You may incorporate it into a general fee for your services, or may sell it as an add-on purely for access to the visiting companies data.

By offering the potential clients something that interests them (which may not initially be your core services), the worm on your hook is more interesting to the fish (the potential client), and forms the basis of a relationship to start …


Relationship building

You do have the choice of charging a fee for the data allowance being provided to businesses that want to continue having access to the information.

You may though wish to consider the longer-term picture.

Here’s an example of how it can work …

  1. You provide access to, say, 1,000 of your 15,000 data allowance.
  2. That shows the potential client details of companies that have been to their website (where identifiable).
  3. You have a conversation about how useful that is.
  4. You decide to let them have longer on your data allowance.
  5. During that longer time you also spend time looking at their overall website visitor data patterns, which may unveil opportunities for improvement.
  6. You share some of those ideas for improvement with the potential client, taking the relationship beyond visiting companies data and into useful information that will help them.
  7. The relationship can potentially flourish when the potential client sees that you genuinely want them to succeed.
  8. Having seen undisputable data related to weaknesses within their website, the potential client has the opportunity to pay you to help them create strength so that more companies actively make contact with them, instead of having to be chased after they’ve visited.


New business, not just data

Most resellers white label A1WebStats so that their clients get access to information about identifiable companies, plus other useful information about website visitors.

Some resellers take it further.

We have resellers that offer an enhanced service, sometimes in-house, but sometimes part-resourced externally.

An example of that enhanced service is to do the following:

  1. Filter down the identifiable companies that have visited the client website in the previous day.
  2. Double-check with the client that they would like to be connected to the most relevant person in each company.
  3. Then bridge the gap between the client and a named contact within the company that didn’t make contact originally.  The reseller/external resource has the challenging job of contacting the company and getting through to someone who is warm enough to be passed back to the client.

The example above is time-consuming for the resellers, and therefore is a premium level price, but that price is worth it for many types of businesses who can gain £thousands of business from being connected to the right person.


Drip feeding for smaller traffic websites

Another method for new business development is to take a slower approach with some smaller traffic websites.

Say there is a potential client, who you know you can help with their online presence, but they’re not ‘warm’ yet and have relatively low website traffic …

  • They only have 400 website visitors per month.
  • Out of those 400 visitors, only around 50 are identifiable as companies.
  • Some of those companies are already known to them, leaving less as ‘prospects’.

You decide to allocate part of your monthly data allowance to them over, say, 3 months.  During that time you feed them information about visiting companies, and also build up a picture of where the website is doing well, and not so well, based on the data accumulating over the months.

As an example, you may identify that visitors have been to the blue widgets page 300 times over two months and would be asking the potential client how many enquiries they had about blue widgets, supported by visibility of the data showing those visits to the blue widgets page.

Many businesses would be concerned at the low percentage of enquiries they get from a product or service page and, because your approach has been drip fed and non-salesy over a period of time, they are more likely to warm towards you supplying services to them.


Need more insights?

While we can never disclose specific details naming our resellers and how they generate new business from their white label setup, we would be more than happy to have a conversation about your wishes for new business development and what methods may fit within your resources and culture.

If you feel we can help, please do reach out via the details on our contact page.