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Visits to specific pages

What pages do you most want your website visitors to get to?

A particular product page?

A particular service page?

Your prices page?

Another “we really want our visitors to get to here” page?

We suggest starting with identifying just one page – a page related to a product or service for which you want to gain more enquiries.

For example, if you sold red widgets, you’d be interested in the visitors who got as far as your red widgets page.  You’d also be interested in:

  1. Whether they were relevant visitors (for example, not visitors from outside your geographical target area).
  2. What pages they viewed before the red widgets page.
  3. Where they went after the red widgets page (what did they click on after looking at that page?).
  4. What brought them to your website.
  5. Whether they landed on the red widgets page (which is useful to identify traffic generation that is working/not working).
  6. Whether they got as far as another important page (for example, case studies or testimonials pages related to red widgets).

Ultimately, your key question to ask yourself is:

What was the total number of relevant people who got to that page over a specific time period, and how did that compare to enquiries gained, related to that page?

If the answer to that question shows that you’re getting a weak level of enquiries compared to visitors to that page then the A1WebStats system will show you all visitors who got to that page, so that you can better-understand their movements, and potentially make improvements to that page, or pages that lead to or from that page.