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You want more business from your website.

You’re probably aware that Google Analytics doesn’t give you deep enough insights.

But A1WebStats does.

You may be impatient and want to dive into the juicy stuff that helps you get more business after strengthening your website.

That’s understandable – we live in times of “give me quick and short information NOW!”

Please pause for a moment and consider the following analogies …

  • If you install a bathroom shower without ventilation, you can shower quickly but will have pain (mould, condensation etc.) later.
  • If you bake a cake and miss out part of the ingredients you’ll have something just about edible but not as good as it could have been.
  • If you rush out without checking the weather and it rains, you’ll have got to your destination faster but end up soaked.

Analogies can be endless but the key message is that to get more success from your website, there are many foundation factors to consider before diving into the meatier stuff.

The order of sub-pages you see within this section is intended for you to run through sequentially because it’s what gets better results.

Yes, you can go straight to pages such as Visits to specific pages, Desired patterns, and Guaranteed increases, and benefit from the information there.

However, if you miss out the foundation steps then you can’t fully succeed.

Why does this matter?

If you don’t create the fundamental strength in your website analytics strategy, and your competitors do, then they will ultimately become stronger than you.

It is of course your choice which pages you consume initially, but we recommend following the order from top to bottom within the more section of this website.