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Linking enquiries to contributors

Assuming you have a method of logging your enquiries, you are then able to discover more about what led to those enquiries.

Many businesses have an inaccurate view of what contributed to enquiries, because they are not logging enquiries and then linking them back to their analytics data.

Although it’s not a precise science, linking enquiries back to the sources that contributed towards gaining those enquiries allows you to gain better insights into what’s working, and what’s not working.

The ease of linking enquiries back to contributors will vary depending on how the enquiry came into you, as detailed in the following sections …


Enquiry forms completed by people

The easiest to link back are those who made contact via your website enquiry form, but only if that website form results in a ‘thanks’ type page with a separate url after they submit it.


Emails sent in by people

When an email enquiry comes in, the person that deals with that email would ideally be the person who adds the information into your enquiries log.

You then need to identify what led to that enquiry.  Although not as easy as identifying the source of visitors that completed enquiry forms (because someone may have been to the website at a different time, got the email address, and made contact without going back to the website), it’s worth trying to link them back wherever possible (although it’s not always possible).


Phone calls from people making an enquiry

The phone rings and it’s an enquiry.

The most accurate method to link phone enquiries to A1WebStats visitors data (and so get a definitive insight into what led to the enquiry) is as follows …

Live linking via A1WebStats – When the call comes in, the call recipient needs to be logged into your A1WebStats account.  There is no limit to how many people can be logged into the same account at the same time.

A less accurate method to link phone enquiries to A1WebStats visitors data is as follows …

Retrospective linking via A1WebStats – When an incoming call is received, the call recipient needs to record (using the enquiry logging method that you prefer) the precise time the call started.   With that information it’s easier to link the enquiry back to the data within A1WebStats retrospectively.

If the call recipient is inaccurate with their recording of information then it leads to wasted time and inaccurate data being recorded.

When you use the methods above, combined with your enquiries log, you will build a picture of what led those website visitors to make contact with you.  With that picture you build strength by understanding forms of marketing/visibility that are working for you more than others.