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Desired patterns

Are there specific website pages you expect your website visitors to visit before making contact with you?

For example, you may have a product or service page that is supported by case studies related to the product or service and because those case studies so strongly support the product or service on offer, you’d hope that people are looking at those case studies.  When people see evidence of what you’ve done then they’re more likely to make contact with you.

Another example could be people who land on a blog page that would ideally then get them clicking through to a page about a product or service.

You can use the A1WebStats system to set up reports that show you people who follow the patterns you expect them to.

More importantly, you can set up reports that show people who don’t follow the desired pattern (which implies that something needs to be strengthened within the website).

As an example, if you had a page offering red widgets and had three separate case study pages specifically related to red widgets, you could create a report that shows all the people who got to the red widgets page but not any of the case studies.  You could then refine the data to only include people from parts of the world that you sell to. When you see data related to those patterns you are then in a position to refine your website so that people have more reason to click through to the case studies pages.

If there are particular website visitors patterns that you’d like to analyse and need assistance in setting up, then please do contact us and we’ll be happy to help.