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Bounces from specific pages

Visitors arrive at your website via a range of pages.

Typically, the home page is most dominant, but there will be other pages that you want visitors to land on.

Ideally, those visitors will go beyond the landing page.

You can use the A1WebStats system to identify those visitors who ‘bounce’ (don’t go any further) having landed on specific pages.

The fastest way to see the most significant bounces is via the common paths function.  This is demonstrated in the short video below …

When you see patterns of people landing on specific pages, but then going no further, then you’re able to ask the following questions:

  1. Is there something wrong in the source of the traffic to that page (for example, paid advertising that gets clicks but they’re not the right type of clicks)?
  2. Is there something wrong with the landing page itself? If the quality of the incoming click is strong and significant numbers of people go no further than the landing page, then could it imply that something on the landing page needs to be strengthened?

Our recommendation is to focus on one ‘bounce’ page at a time.  Typically, don’t start with the home page, but the next one down the list.

Why not start with the home page?

Because people find your home page for a variety of reasons and not always because they were a potential new customer.  Therefore, home page bounces, while worth analysing, are less important than analysing other bounces.