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Misfortune telling with A1WebStats data

In some cases, website visitors data can help see into the future.

Who, for example, would have predicted the demise of so many energy companies in 2021?

The signs were there in the data.

Bulb was one of the biggest names, with their administration being announced on 22nd November.

Here’s one of their staff investigating their options two months before that happened (28th September):

Bulb visit to website

Bulb are a bigger name but there are thousands of businesses in significant distress, with many of them actively researching their options online.

Here’s another example of a business in distress, doing their research on 7th October:

Robinsons visit to website

A few weeks later, this is what their website says:

Robinsons in administration notice

Fortunately (in their case), the business was sold in a pre-pack and all jobs were saved.

Others won’t be so fortunate.

So what’s the point of this article?

There are three:

  1. Whoever you deal with, ensure you’re on top of your credit control.  We live in times when anyone can go bust, regardless of size.
  2. Clever businesses create content that will attract certain types of clicks.  The examples above provide opportunity to reach out to companies in distress – at a time when they are starting to think about the trouble that they’re in.
  3. Use your own website visitors data in different ways.

    Many of our customers tend to focus on identifying companies that visit their websites, when their time would be better focused on working out why their websites aren’t converting more visitors to enquiries.

    Those that fix website and marketing problems (by analysing their website visitors data intelligently), are those who will ride out the economic storms better than their less-focused competitors.


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