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Investigating people who contact you via your website

Someone fills in the contact form on your website.

It looks promising.

Before you spend too long on responding to that enquiry, it’s worth investigating further than what you can see on the surface.

The video below gives an example of someone making contact apparently under their own name, but in reality it’s proven to be someone from the Philippines contacting numerous companies offering the same thing.

The same principle applies to when you receive an enquiry related to the products or services that you provide.

By digging deeper into the enquirer you can see how long they actually spent on each page of your website and where they were from.

We’ve seen examples of competitors to companies who employ external resources (typically from another country where the rates are lower) to pretend they are interested in a product or service but in reality are just fishing around to see what the competition are doing.

In short, you should never instantly respond to an enquiry that comes in via your website contact form – it’s always best to fully understand what the visitor looked at page by page and where they were from.


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