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How to analyse visitors to a specific website page, where they came from, and which pages they went to next

Website pages to analyse

There will be certain pages within your website that are particularly important to you.  Here are some examples …


Product or Service pages

Website visitors who get to product or service pages should, in theory, make contact with you IF your website page (and supporting pages) provides them with enough information.

See our short video on how to analyse visitors to product or service pages


Call to action pages

These are the pages where you hope that website visitors will eventually get to after visiting other pages that are strong enough to get them to click through to these pages.  An example would be a Contact page.  Another example would be a page of distributors for a product that you only sell via those distributors.

See our short video on how to analyse visitors to call to action pages


Case study or Testimonials pages

If your case studies or testimonials are a strong selling point for you, then website visitors should ideally find their way to those pages.  Analysing website visitors patterns will sometimes show that people aren’t getting as far as the pages you want them to.

See our short video on how to analyse visitors to case study or testimonial pages


About or Team pages

There are two types of website visitors that get to your About or Team pages.  The ones you’re interested in are those who are considering you enough to find out more about your business and the people who work there.   The others are competitors, job seekers, or people who want to sell to you.

See our short video on how to analyse visitors to about or team pages


Thank you page(s)

If people complete something on your website that leads them to a ‘thank you’ type page, then it would be useful to gain insights into what led them through to the enquiry, including the page they viewed beforehand, and what brought them to your website originally.

See our short video on how to analyse visitors to thank you pages



Why Google Analytics isn’t strong enough

You may be thinking “I can see visited pages in Google Analytics”.

True, but what you can’t see from Google Analytics are the paths each individual visitor took before they got to those pages, nor where they went afterwards.

Nor can Google Analytics show you what brought those people to your website.

With A1WebStats you can, as you can see in the example below that shows the page by page views of the website by someone from an identifiable company that came to the website via Google Ads …

Page by page views of a website visitor


Analysing visitors to specific types of website pages

Although it can take time, you can gain great insights by running through each website visitor path, noting the following:

  • What brought each visitor to your website (e.g. Google, paid advertising)
  • When they got to your visited page(s) of interest
  • What other pages led them to the page(s) of interest
  • How long they spent on each page
  • Where they went after the page(s) of interest.

This will often uncover negative patterns which can be rectified through strengthening the website.  That strengthening applies to not only the visited page itself, but also to other pages that may be negatively affecting conversions to enquiries/sales.

Video examples of analysing visitors to specific types of website page

Each video below focuses on analysing visitors to a specific type of website page, including problems that are identified.

Product or Service pages

This video focuses on a service page that’s getting traffic from Google Ads but has a 91% high bounce rate and only 1 out of 502 visitors got to the page that they should have done.


Call to action pages

This video focuses on a call to action page that should be visited more often, but the product pages are failing to make that possible.


Case study or Testimonials pages

This video focuses on the big difference there is between visitors to product or service pages, and those who look at case studies or testimonials.


About or Team pages

This video focuses on a website which would ideally be impressing visitors enough to get them looking at their About Us page, but fails in two important ways.


Thank you page(s)

This video focuses on why it’s beneficial to use website visitors data after enquiries are made via the contact form.




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