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How A1WebStats helps subscribers succeed through COVID-19

What you will get out of this page

An understanding of how you can properly use A1WebStats in order to help your business through the current worldwide crisis.

Fully reading through and following the recommendations on this page will help you survive and then prosper, while your competitors will fail.

Skim reading will lead to key points being missed and you potentially failing to take the action that your business needs to survive and then prosper.

So please do read through it all.

This page was created for our current customers.  If you have found this page and are not an A1WebStats subscriber, you can still sign up for a free 30 day trial and benefit from free input on what you need to do in order to gain more enquiries from your website visitors.


What A1WebStats is designed to do

We created A1WebStats to enable businesses to gain more results from website visitors in the following ways:

  1. To work out why there aren’t more enquiries about/sales of individual products or services.
  2. To identify companies that visited websites, creating opportunity to reach out to those companies.
  3. To work out which aspects of marketing are working well, and which aren’t getting results.


Our frustration

For nearly eight years now, we have been frustrated that most of our subscribers focus mainly on the identifiable companies visiting their websites.

We have regularly been pushing a message of:

Use A1WebStats to work out where your website is not strong enough, make changes, and THEN more companies will reach out to you instead of you having to chase those who haven’t found enough on your website to impress them.

If you look at various pages within our website, you’ll see that message going back years.

That message is in stark contrast to all our competitors (Lead Forensics, Leadfeeder, Whoisvisiting, etc. etc.) who focus on one core message:

See which companies visit your website and then follow up with them.

We have always firmly believed that ‘companies tracking’ is something that’s useful, but it’s not the definitive answer to website success.

In fact, for the foreseeable future, anyone using our competitors are going to find they are totally wasting money on those services, because they will be seeing very few identifiable companies (as most people will be working remotely).

Thankfully, A1WebStats offers a lot more than ‘companies identification’.

In a way, we feel guilty that we didn’t get even more vocal about this, because now it is absolutely critical that businesses use A1WebStats in the way it was always intended.


The world has changed

COVID-19 has created a challenge for the vast majority of businesses worldwide.

Even though governments will enable the financial support of many businesses (and the UK seems to be leading the way on this as at late March 2020), the reality is that, at least in the short-term, there will be a lot less businesses actively searching for your products or services.


Understanding the true value of A1WebStats

One thing we advise A1WebStats customers to do is this:

  1. Choose a product or service that you offer.
  2. Use A1WebStats to view ALL visitors who got to that part of the website during a set time period (e.g. a month).
  3. Compare those numbers to the levels of enquiries you got about that product or service.
  4. Ask yourself the question: “was that a good outcome from that level of website visitors to that part of our website?”

Even before COVID-19, you would have found that the visitors to your product or services pages were divided up into the following categories:

  1. Those that could be identified as companies (the minority – typically 10-25%).
  2. Those that couldn’t be identified as companies (the majority – typically 75-90%).

Those people who get to your product or service pages who CAN’T be identified as companies, will typically be company staff accessing your website from a location or device that can’t be linked back to their company name via an IP address.  For example:

  1. People working from home (this is now vitally important to be aware of, as COVID-19 is enforcing that to happen).
  2. People using mobile devices in places/locations that can’t be linked to their company.
  3. People in companies that can’t be tracked by their IP address.

Before COVID-19 you would have had large numbers of visitors to your website who were highly likely to be ‘company people’ but couldn’t be identified as companies because of where they were located at the time.

During the impacts of COVID-19 that number of unidentifiable visitors will jump hugely in your data (purely because people are unable to be at their normal work location, but are still ‘working’).

You may be wondering:

Why are A1WebStats saying that COVID-19 will give us more business opportunities, when we’re clearly going to see a lot less identifiable companies in our data?

The answer is:

It’s true that you will see less identifiable companies BUT, while accepting that visitor numbers to most business websites are going to be muted for now, there will still be ‘business people’ visiting your website.

Whatever your website offers to potential buyers, there will still be businesses that need what you offer.

Not so much short-term, but medium to longer-term, business will get back to normal and the demand will increase.

We at A1WebStats want you to be in the best position to gain more enquiries from the website visitors you ARE getting now, and also build strength for the future.

Here’s how we’re going to help you achieve that, if you’ll let us …


It’s time for change

We’re going to be blunt here, even though you’re a customer …

Before COVID-19 you did not pay enough attention to ensuring your website was strong enough.

Your business was probably doing OK or better.

You were busy enough.

Spending time on ensuring your website is strong enough to convert more visitors to enquiries/sales was NOT high enough on your list of priorities.

It’s time for change and we’re here to help.

Here’s what’s going to happen in the weeks and months ahead …

The clever businesses are going to invest time/resources into making their websites and marketing so much stronger, so that they are able to gain more business from their website visitors.

The stupid businesses will continue to apply too much focus on the names of visiting companies, not realising that their competitors have strengthened their online offering and have already impressed those companies (that probably went to multiple websites as part of their research).


Why COVID-19 is going to make your business more successful

Hopefully you have kept staff on, in line with the support government provide (for example, the UK government paying 80% of wages in order to retain jobs within businesses).

Your business will have staff who are currently limited in their ability to do their normal work.

Your business will collectively have more human resource than ever before, ready to spend that time as wisely as possible.

Many businesses are going to realise that this is the perfect time to make websites stronger than before, putting themselves in a really good position compared to competitors who keep their heads in the sand.

The problem for all businesses has always been complacency.

Complacency leading to lack of effort put into what’s important (getting more results from website visitors).

Your business can become more successful than before, because of this:

  1. Some of your competitors will not focus on strengthening their websites.
  2. You will focus on website strengthening.
  3. When businesses start to return to researching and buying your type of products/services, they are naturally going to engage with the websites that provide them with everything they wanted.
  4. You will get more enquiries than ever before (even without chasing the identifiable companies that visited).
  5. Some of your competitors will wither and die.


Our offer to you

As an A1WebStats subscriber you have access to our experts, included free as part of your subscription.

We will look at your website in ways that no-one else will.

We will identify the opportunities to gain more from your website visitors, using a combination of:

  1. Your data (from the A1WebStats system).
  2. Our expertise in website success strategy.

We WILL make it clear why prior to COVID-19, you were not gaining more enquiries and sales from your website visitors.

We will focus on a time period before the impacts of the virus really hit businesses.

We will focus on where you were losing potential business.

AND we will provide you with the answers of what you need to change within your website in order to gain more business from:

  1. Those visitors you currently get to your website (many of which will be unidentifiable as companies, because people will be working from at home, but they will still be ‘company people’).
  2. The increase in visitors you will get as progression is made out of the impacts of COVID-19, and the world returns to normal business (however long that takes),


But I can’t afford to pay for website work!

You may be thinking:

So A1WebStats people will help us to understand what we need to change in our website, so that more visitors make contact with us.

But that’s going to cost money for our developers/agency to make changes, and we can’t afford to pay for anything at the moment!

There are two answers to this:

  1. Many of the recommendations we make will be actions you can take that require no, or very minimal input from web developers.
  2. You are going to find that web developers are incredibly more flexible than they ever have been before.

Taking point 2, many web developers are independent, have low overheads, but ultimately need to have an income to survive.

Also taking point 2, larger setups (e.g. agencies) still need income to survive.

We have witnessed many cases of where, in the current environment, this works:

  1. Work out what needs to be done in order for a website to become much stronger.
  2. Agree the total cost of that.
  3. The web developer/agency agrees to undertake the work (including, because they will have no other work on at the moment anyway), in exchange for a stretched payment plan over a longer period of time (e.g. 12 months).

If you are not in a position to pay for the website work to be done, AND your existing suppliers (web developers/agencies) are not offering any form of flexibility when you need it the most, then LET US KNOW.

We have access to numerous web developers, who will happily take on that work on stretched payment terms, produce a great result for you, and potentially have you as an ongoing customer after you part ways with your current supplier.

In short, there is no excuse for not getting the work done on your website.


Next steps

We’ve always wanted you to use the A1WebStats system (and out expert input) in the most beneficial ways.

COVID-19 wasn’t the way that we thought we would get our customers to better-utilise how A1WebStats can help.

But this really could be a huge opportunity for your business to do what’s needed: evolve to a stronger website that beats your complacent competitors.

Here are the next steps you need to take, and remember: it’s included as part of our service at no extra cost to you …

Step 1

Book in a screenshare call via this link:

On the date/time of that call, you can connect from wherever you are located.  If you have headphones/mic we can communicate via your computer.  If you don’t have headphones/mic, there will be a number you can dial into.  We are likely to be remote working too so we really don’t care if you have dogs, children, etc. making noise in the background (because we probably will have too!).


Step 2

On the screenshare call we will look at your A1WebStats visitors data before the impacts of COVID-19.  That will give us a view of what was normal at that time.

We will explore your products/services pages visitors data and identify reasons why you weren’t getting more enquiries/sales at that time.

You will leave the screenshare call with actions to take on strengthening your website.

Some of those won’t involve any cost.  Some will, but don’t forget what we said earlier about there being ways to make that a lot easier.


Step 3

Take action asap.

Never again will your business have as much time available to focus on making your website as strong as it can be.

Your proactivity on the actions are what will determine your future success, both short-term (for the visitors currently going to your website) and the longer-term (for when business starts to return to normality).


Any questions

As always, if you have any questions about this, please let us know via any of the methods used on our contact page.


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